'Tourists have stopped coming to Israel'
Danny Sadeh
Published: 13.05.15, 11:41
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1. It's The Economy, Stupid
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (05.13.15)
The EU is tanking, and Russia suffered because of the sanctions because of the Ukraine war. Add to that pricey airline tickets and insane hotel prices here.
2. Could it be because of the inflated
Koose E Mack ,   NY US   (05.13.15)
prices? Look at the cost of Hotels, Car Rentals, and Restaurants.... No bargains in Israel. If you have family there, you have no choice, but tourists do have a choice!
3. it's not Gaza that's to blame
David   (05.13.15)
It's how ridiculously overpriced hotels etc are in Israel. For the price of staying at the old tired Intercontinental , you can get suites at hotels like the W in other countries.
6. Israel fun
Edy Burak   (05.13.15)
israel now is very expensive
7. Tourists have stopped coming to Israel
Mika Björkbacka ,   Espoo, Finland   (05.13.15)
It´s mainly because Hotel price level is so expensive in Israel. In the end of last year research shows that the Jerusalem hotel prices were 4th expensivest in the whole world, and Tel Aviv´s plase was around 13th. If hotel stays goes down - 28 %, then it should be seen in hotel prices too. Also ILS/EUR level is about 10 % expensiver compared to last year for European tourist. Security level is no problem. Best Regards from Finland
8. Look at the price of humus & hotels! Then again: It's BIBI's
fault, no doubt?! (or maybe Sara's)
9. Tourism
Lee ,   England   (05.13.15)
It's not the war it's the prices. Reduce those and stop ripping people off with high hotel costs and they will be full.
10. Really surprising?
N.N. ,   Berlin, Germany   (05.13.15)
I am in Israel at least once a year to visit friends. But there is no place I know where you have to pay prices like in 5star London Hotels for a mediocre rural third world hostel. Maybe this connects to the fact that tourists do neither return to nor recommend a trip to Israel?
11. Extremely expensive
Tourist ,   Cyprus   (05.13.15)
I visited Israel 3 months ago for a specific business reason. I was always feeling secure and indeed I feel that Israel is among the most secure places on earth. In addition, I liked very much the hospitality of the people in Israel and I have very good friends. However, i feel so sorry that I am not planning to visit Israel in the near future because some things were so expensive that I was feeling like stupid paying for certain items. Furthermore, please check the prices of the Israeli hotels and compare them with any European country. Sorry guys, with the same money that they charge for a SINGLE person I can take ALL my family to a nice hotel in rome or Prague.
12. Finances
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (05.14.15)
I want to come!! Just don't have the money right now. To go anywhere.
13. Tourists and why ?
Moshe ,   T/A Israel   (05.14.15)
Ask any tourist coming to Israel what they think about the country and their first comment will be "Very Expensive" The Hotels are very expensive, the bars and eatteries are very expensive , car hire is very expensive and taxis are very expensive so why come to an expensive place when there are others cheaper and safer?? If the Hotels want their tourists back then think about giving them real value for Money The Global economy is dicey and for those that are able to travel why spend a kings ransom on airfares to get here then get ripped apart when you arrive?? Why travel with Elal and then suffer because somebody wont or cant sit here there or anywhere and for this Luxury you have opted to pay more than any other airline? It is not rocket science - is it? Moshe
14. Hotel prices are an epiphenomenon
Raphael ,   Netanya   (05.14.15)
They translate the insane fiscal policy of the Bank of Israel' manager into facts. Why does the central bank allow the NIS to grow faster than US dollar and Euro? It harms both economy, balance trade and citizens, except israeli tourists in Turkey.
15. On the other hand:try to book a room at the expensive hotels
or restaurants 1-2 days in advance! Good luck with that!
16. Prices Prices Prices....
Al   (05.15.15)
Drop your'll get customers. Due to come to Israel to visit my kids. Will need loads of gelt just to bunk for a week plus more gelt just to feed off the buzzards...(ex included). I love Israel..its just the Israelis I can't stand.
17. service and prices
nigel ,   London   (05.15.15)
I am a proud advocate for Israel and have visited many times, Sadly, prices are absurd, hotels are often shabby, staff rude and, as sad as this sounds, it feels like Irael's unique status as the Jewish homeland is used as an excuse for the above. .I would love to come more often but simply cannot afford to do so. The tourist industry is incredibly competitive - Israel's hotels must learn that they are in a global competitive market and act accordingly, Not rely on the goodwill or religious Christians and Jews . I wish I would believe someone would acknowledge and take action, This coming from a proud supporter.
18. I hope it's about prices
Joanne ,   Brooklyn, New York   (05.18.15)
Because that's something you can fix. If it's about prices and low-quality hotels, one can always improve on that. But I'm wondering if it isn't the terrible reputation that Israel has in the world, both as a dangerous place and as a place whose people and culture are unappealing. A few weeks ago, when I mentioned that I'd like to go to Israel to a friend who's originally from India, she filled my ear with comments to the effect that Israel is a toxic place marked by racism, and she wouldn't set foot there. It hurt to hear it, and I couldn't help wondering how many others feel that way. It's true that this is just one person, but who knows? Also, you see little or nothing about Israel in travel magazines, little to entice anyone to go there. Once, when I was working for a travel magazine, I was amazed t see a nice article on Tel Aviv, admittedly a short one, but still nice. The author told me that he had to fight tooth-and-nail to get the article in there. Out of curiosity, I looked at the index of articles in the magazine, and there hadn't been one on Israel since the early 1990s, when the Oslo Accords made the country somewhat more acceptable. I hope it is just about prices. That would be a tremendous relief.
19. Recently tried to book rooms on airBNB
NO THANK YOU   (05.21.15)
Found Israeli hosts very difficult to deal with, paranoid, unfriendly, and creating all kinds of silly obstacles to finalizing the transactions.
20. Declining tourism
Franz Cohn ,   Stockholm Sweden   (05.23.15)
One explanation may be that the hotels quote prices in US dollars. This means a 30% increase in Swedish kronor and other European currencies because of the stength of the dollar. Also the Shekel has increased and this makes a trip to Israel too expensive.
21. Falling Euro deters European tourists
Shalom ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.26.15)
Last December the Euro fetched 4.95 shekels, today it is 4.25 shekels, following a change in the policy of the European Central Bank. So Israel is not to blame, but obviously it is a major factor that the article does not notice..
22. 'Tourists have stopped coming to Israel'
leon ,   Amsterdam Netherland   (05.27.15)
Weired. Prices in Eilat are still skyhigh and to book now for October is impossible unless you are willing to pay New York city prices. Shameless high without any long term policy to regain foreign tourists again. Basicly its better to go to Greece, Spain or Turkey as the Israeli is only thinking how to squeeze the tourist.
23. # 16 Try visiting Gaza
It makes Israel look good! But, so do all Muslim run nations.
24. Tourists are boycotting Israel
Victor Ben Yaffa ,   San Francisco, CA   (05.29.15)
If there was peace in the Holy Land , Pilgrims will flock from every nation to pay a visit to Israel. Christians , Muslims, and Jews share many of the values of good will , peace , liberty and justice for all . We all must work harder to bring Peace that will bring prosperity and a great Tourism Business to all the people that call The Holy Land Home
25. Russians are missing
naro ,   nyc   (06.02.15)
The Russian economy is broke. The ruble is weak. They don't travel anymore. Europe is also not in such good shape and the euro is weak. Telaviv beaches used to be full of Russians.
26. tourism is support
judy ,   usa   (06.02.15)
when you spend your money in Israel it is not because you want a luxury vacation with Jews serving you as if the Jewish naiton state of Israel is a tourist destination for sun and surf. you go to support Israel. to support the IDF. to support the defense of the only democracy in the middle east and the only one that is free spirited and open to all religions and freedoms that are hard won in blood and treasure. that's what "tourism" to Israel means. I've been to Israel many times and even 40 years ago the service was rude and everything was expensive and I recall a very rich british Jew who was in the next chaise lounge saying to me very irritated "would anyone but a Jew come here?". i laughed.
27. Drop in tourism
Rob ,   Westchester, NY   (06.07.15)
What difference does the loss of a few hundred million dollars in tourist money make? You still get BILLIONS and BILLIONS from us annually so you can finance your brutal occupation of Palestine. Quit whining.
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