Israel to evacuate premature surrogate babies from Nepal
Italy Blumenthal
Published: 12.05.15, 20:58
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1. A troubling "industry"
ggg   (05.12.15)
I don't know but something worries me about the sheer scale of surrogacy in third world countries. It seems that this has become a cynical abuse of poverty-stricken women in poor parts of the world forced by circumstances to carry artificially inseminated babies in order to be able to feed their own families. No doubt that these women are being paid a fraction of what it would cost in this country and that, in effect, the Iranian references to baby trafficking is perhaps not so far off the mark.
2. papers
john ,   toronto   (05.13.15)
This sort of help should be closely watched.Proper papers should accompany any children taken from Nepal. Trafficking of children is a problem specially after a disaster.
3. #1 Surrogacy is widely accepted
Benji ,   US   (05.13.15)
Your entire comment is judgmental and ignorant. You don't know the monetary compensation or details but perhaps this arrangement allowed the birth mothers much needed funds to feed their families while allowing people to become parents. What a gift. You must find something sinister to support your anti-Israel agenda just like the propaganda machine of Iran. Crawl back under your rock.
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