Obama: Palestinians deserve an end to the occupation
Published: 13.05.15, 11:30
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1. Manhattan to the Indians ?(Occupies Territory)
Roland ,   london England   (05.13.15)
2. and Americans deserve end to Obama-occupation, Israel too
deserves end to Arab occupation & usurpation of our ancient Land!
3. Two State Solution -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (05.13.15)
Texas leaves the US, and forms its other indipendent State. " Lone Star State " is it called !. Arn.Sweden.
4. When will this anti Israel's occupation in the US govt end?
Chaim   (05.13.15)
How much longer do the American people have to suffer under this unqualified nothing as head of their country?
5. the mosted hated pres in the world!
oded ,   usa   (05.13.15)
6. A mutual consensus theory needs to be reached.
Jerusalem   (05.13.15)
7. Occupation???
Israeli Watchdog ,   Akko, Israel   (05.13.15)
Occupation? Occupation??? Grr... And that ladies and gentlemen is a prime example of how clueless Obama is with diplomacy and Israel foreign policy. The man is out of touch with all reality except his own - Yo, meatball, you cannot be called an occupier by living on land that is your own.
8. Obama wants to ruin Israel as well as America
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.13.15)
Obama is taking a break from ruining America in order to try to ruin Israel. He is doing enormous damage to America. Yet, when he is blessedly gone, both America and Israel will survive and thrive.
9. yes occupation
akka   (05.13.15)
The entire world considers it an occupation: who is out of touch? This land did not belong to 1 single people in its entire history and you from Akka, that was established with this name (not Akko) about 5000 years ago /check the egyptian exactarion texts) should know this very well.
10. Obama's Liberation Theology is at work
C   (05.13.15)
obama's liberation theology has caused the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of people and the destruction of numerous countries. israel has no intention to join the fate of failed states.
11. Where is the next Oswald when World needs him so badly??!!!
12. Obama Says Palestinians Deserve An End to Occupation
Arny Handelman ,   Toronto Canada   (05.15.15)
Israel deserves an end to being attacked all the time. Palestinians have shown that if Israel withdraws from territory, their security will be worsened. When Israel withdrew from Gaza, the Gazans responded by firing thousands of rockets at Israeli civilians. The occupation is legal in international law. When land is seized in a defensive war, it does not have to be returned until the occupier gets real and solid assurances of peace and security. Otherwise, they'd be idiots to give the land back. The PA, joined officially with Hamas which is sworn to destroy Israel. The PA officially supports, and glorifies terrorists who kill Israeli's. The PA refuses to even talk to Israel, but rather seeks to have terms imposed on Israel from external foreign pressure. In other words, the PA is not a peace partner. Abbas encouraged the attacks on Israelis by using knives and cars as weapons. How do you withdraw from occupying land that you need as a buffer for Israel to survive in light of the PA and Hamas' intentions and acts of terror. Obama flippantly ignores these realities, just as he ignores Iran's repeated declarations that they will annihilate Israel, and ignores Iran's support of world-wide terror, and ignores Iran's cries of "Death to America". Instead of seeing reality, Obama agrees to lift sanctions and give Iran a clear path to nuclear capability. That's in spite of Iran refusing inspections and transparency. Obama is anti-Israel, and anti-America. He is treasonous and should be impeached.
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