Anti-Semitism in a liberal disguise
Yitzhak Eldan
Published: 13.05.15, 23:55
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1. Kosher organic food is Better Free range
Zechariah   (05.14.15)
Kosher food with the blood removed and the viruses cysts and bacteria that are in the blood prions even is healthy but battery range chickens are just wrong .Killing by Stunnung ought be Introduced into Kashrut for the mass of Traditional Jews who adhere to the Humanitarian values in Judaism with an adjustment to war by allied western front WW2standards with Targetted Killings of Combatants and non lethal means of immobilisation for dissident uprisings . As for circumcision local anaesthesisia can be used and in fact there are far less urinary infections in uncircumcised infants some of those infections if they go to the blood can kill. In Africa circumcision has found to reduce transmission of Aids and if sex was forbidden during and after menses it would be much less still. There is an argument for painless Kosher Killing and Painless circumcision but for medical health it would be primitive to abandon it . Female circumcision is a malignant mutation of practice and ought result banning and advocating against by advocacy groups .Boilling Lobsters alive and torturing dogs and other animals before consumption ought be a big target for liberals .But adjustments have humanitarian value no question for mine .
2. we must aggressively vigorously constantly confront them.
ralph   (05.14.15)
this is a war between evil and good. and evil must be vanquished.
3. Europe is sick and beyond repair
Eric R. ,   USA   (05.14.15)
Europe will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever (1,000 x ever) give up on its Jew-hatred. It is inborn, it is genetic, it is imbibed from their mother's milk. Even if Israel threatened Europe with nuclear destruction, it could not give up on its genocidal, Nazi Jew-hatred. Europe would rather die in its attempt to finish Hitler's work than to ever let Jews live.
4. No matter. Europe is finished.
Stephen in New York   (05.14.15)
5. same goes for Meretz
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (05.14.15)
When some one or some party can not accept our religious beliefs and wish to stop our observance of Torah, that is anti-Semitism; that is also Meretz.
6. Europe & anti Semitism
tiki ,   belgium   (05.14.15)
As long as Europe promotes it's one sided, baseless love & understanding for the "legal rights for Palestinians to their state" and therefore has to demonize Israel (in tone & funds) on every occasion, its futile. Europe plays the role of silent promoter & tolerator of virulent anti Israel sentiment (in funding anti Israel NGO's) which than automatic translates into Jew hate. Add to this the (mis)use of "freedom of speech" by the new 'citizens of Euroland and their naive Liberal helpers and the case for open Jew hate is made. Europe, as always plays the dirty role it always has done. ......playing the innocent bystander while actively helping the Jew hunt!
7. To No. 5.
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (05.14.15)
When people constantly worship at the shrine of antisemitic victimhood - that is antisemitism.
8. Bertram: go back to sleep. It's late and you're tired.
9. Liberals, just like the Haredim are brainwashed individuals.
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