AG: It will be difficult to defend Deri's appointment
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 14.05.15, 10:15
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1. As long as he takes honestly care of all Israelis
Robert ,   antwerp Belgium   (05.14.15)
It has to be under strict supervision of the forces of law. Since he has been convicted once, I'm convinced it is not an experience he will want to repeat a second time
2. Once a crook, always a crook.
David ,   Hartford USA   (05.14.15)
The Governor of Connecticut was convicted of abusing his position and he sat in prison for a year for for it. When he got out, he immediately continued with his lying, cheating, law-breaking ways- which put him back in prison. Criminals enjoy their power, their connections, their perceived control over events- and will commit crimes to retain that power. Just look at Olmert. The revolving door of Israeli political hacks is sickening. Where are the technocrats with integrity and honesty? Why do we always get rehashed has-beens who refuse to leave and give news faces a chance? Deri is a disgrace to the office. That he even made it in proves that Israel needs direct elections of all members of parliament. I'd call elections in a heatbeat and rid the government of all hacks. It's way past the time for Israel to grow up and let the people decide who will govern them. (And past the time to keep convicted criminals out of the government.)
3. According to Jewish law - not Israeli law - but Jewish law
secular Jews, even the AG himself as well as secular judges cannot be trusted. On the other hand, a Jew who hands out all the money he made to charity, is holy, 100% trustworthy and can be appointed to the highest position. So much for the AG's "difficulty to defend Deri". Well, Hashem and our Rabbis think differently.
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