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Haredi principal sued for years of sexual abuse in Australia
Tali Farkash, Aviel Megnazi
Published: 14.05.15, 23:58
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1. sorry, the story stinks.
cooper   (05.15.15)
2. Adam Eshbee you are so right.
Ralph   (05.15.15)
This Mrs. Leifer is not a criminal but needs to be under mental care. Had she been a secular or non Jewish woman it would not even be on the news because it's normal in those circles. It is only reported because it's unheard of for ultra-orthodox women.
3. Yep...#1 I concur.....
Koose E Mack ,   NY US   (05.15.15)
Apparently, so does the Principal's fingers!
4. Those who gave the sick woman
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (05.17.15)
this high responsibility are even more to blame.
5. leifer
anonny   (06.28.15)
Abuse is abuse and by a woman who is in authority???? Do you have any idea how emotionaklly this cripples the victim? And what about the physical abuse? Woman to woman there is alot of damage one can do How can people be so so clueless???
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