Knesset approves fourth Netanyahu government
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 14.05.15, 23:12
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1. Circus indeed
Mike ,   Tel Aviv   (05.14.15)
Bibi is the ringleader of this ridiculous circus. Does Hotovely even speak English? Does she know that she will have to shake hands with foreign diplomats or else they will be insulted? Does insulting them even bother her at all?
2. Knesset approves fourth Netanyahu government
Lior ,   Dublin   (05.15.15)
Was this communism ?
3. Balls
Jez ,   netanya   (05.14.15)
erdan and shalom - none. He wouldnt have behaved to Miri Regev that way (Netanyahu) cos she has mouth and balls
4. Steve springer
Todd ,   Israel   (05.15.15)
Israel is a democracy (well sort of anyway) and democracies have opposition parties for very good reasons. So stop whining that you live in a democracy and get on with it. People think in different ways and have different views and not even power hungry paranoid Netanyahu can control that. Be aware of who's controlling your mind.
5. to no. 2
Jennie ,   Israel/US   (05.15.15)
It was the Nation's demonstration of Democratic elections, in it's highest participation and carefully thought thru decision to vote for the best Leader, who can keep the Jewish State safe...And no Lior in Dublin.. Perhaps you live the communism dream in Dublin, but Israel is a Democracy for 67 years now...There is a good reason for Netanyahu being elected to lead the State for the 4th time...
6. Tzipi Hotovely& Ayelet Shekad are worth their weight in gold
CJK   (05.15.15)
these are two brilliant and beautiful women with much talent. ayelet will need professionals to help her in revising high court selections and setting out the jurisdictions of the court. in foreign affairs, tzipi will only need to smile and say, "no dear, that is not how we see the issue."
7. Please can't you guys get over it
Nachman   (05.15.15)
Bibi is PM Likud won Repeat Bibi is PM Likud won This gov't might get thru its entire term precisely because it is narrow.
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