Obama challenges new cabinet's commitment to peace
Yitzhak Benhorin, Associated Press
Published: 15.05.15, 09:27
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1. Obama, we challenge your leadership
CJK   (05.15.15)
under your leadership, the number of practicing jihadists grows every day and the number of failed state have quadrupled/ the shia terror regime takes advantage of your capitulation deal to invade numerous countries directly or through terror proxies. it is with great sorrow that we inform you that your appeasement policies have resulted in the rape, torture and sexual enslavement of many young children. hamas holds mass weddings for child brides with grown men. the constant attempt by you and others to internationalise the conflict has only alienated the parties who must be left alone to muddle through on their own. we have not forgotten the many slights and desrespects shown by you to the jewish state and to her leaders. do keep in mind that the jewish state of israel is a sovereign and independent and not susceptible to further intrusions in her international or domestic affairs.
2. Reflects a postive shift in thinking on Palestine
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (05.15.15)
The old Mantra has always been Statehood BEFORE Peace You can see in writing just how illogical and impossible that looks and why the process has struggled to move forward There are 2 things needed First That the PA adopt a TWIN TRACK approach that separates Economic Development and Statehood Negotiations so our Economic progress isn't stifled or held hostage by the pace of Statehood Negotiations Second The Settlement issue is sadly ridiculous almost comical attempt at play acting resulting from cynical dishonesty on both sides when in REALITY the Settlement Issue is where BOTH national interests can converge How? Israel builds Settlements to create Buffer Territory around its central Pinch Point Palestinians in the West Bank would RATHER have MORE space So you trade on Israels need for prime real estate around Jerusalem for 2 or 3x territory in exchange from Israel in the North We get more SPACE they get more SECURITY but this time in OPEN and HONEST AGREEMENT within strict pre-agreed parameters As for Jerusalem - don't forget Ramallah is our State Capital not Jerusalem. Second OUR Jerusalem is not Israels Jerusalem. Ours is Jerusalem Al Quds that we want developed into a Palestinian City. This can be created from parts of East Jerusalem but entirely separate and distinct with a wholly different and unique character from Israeli Jerusalem
3. King of Bahrein made a far wiser choice in attending Horses
Alan ,   SA   (05.15.15)
4. "Folks" in Israel Govt.."Folks" in Paris Casher Supermarche
Alan ,   SA   (05.15.15)
Lots of "Folks"
5. two state solution
Shira ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.15.15)
I've a splended idea. Who says the arabs need their state in Israel? Obama is leaving soon, why doesn't he cede the white house to them as the arab capital-and give them Washington d.c. as their state?
6. 1 - Get Over It, CJK
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (05.15.15)
Netanyahu testified to Congress and GUARANTEED positive effects in Iran if only the US took out Saddam in 2003. Still waiting on hat guarantee. You can watch it on YouTube. Bush ordered the invasion and signed the written agreement to withdraw from Iraq. And since then Congress has insisted on downsizing the US military. ISIS is part of the Bush plan to birth a new Middle East. AQ was in Afghanistan, then moved to Yemen. Still there in Yemen. You want something done about ISIS, just do it. Not the problem of the US. Congress said "no." And Congress won't even discuss it officially. You are sovereign and independent. So is the US, something your politicians forget, frequently. The US is not your puppy. If you want peace, just an idea, offer peace to Palestinians. Netanyahu has offered control, not peace or independence or prosperity. he always has excuses why he cannot allow them to have peace.
7. Obama's Israel bashing
Serge ,   Antwerp, Belgium   (05.15.15)
Obama is bashing Israel in front of Arab leaders he wants to convince of his good intentions. What a surprise.
8. No one trusts obama
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (05.15.15)
No one except Iran who's gaining everything while our former allies stay away from the future slaughter that obama's agreeing to for his 'supposed legacy.' Nothing obama does or says is to be taken seriously except the dismantling of Israel which isn't going to happen. KEEP BUILDING !!!!AND IGNORE obama, EVERYONE ELSE DOES.
9. Samy, nuts!
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (05.15.15)
pals are going to get what they gave to Israel's Jews. Hope they enjoy the fruit of terror as that's all their getting from Israel who justifiably wants them all gone from Israel ASAP. Maybe back to Arabia where they came from? Certainly, Israel isn't giving the savage pals another inch of land obama and the pals be damned. You too for stupid ideas. KEEP BUILDING !!!!
10. Majority of Arab Gulf States want no part of loser obama.
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (05.15.15)
Pretty much the same as with the US. obama has no integrity, no brains, and no wins. And, with less time, no power and that my friends in a true summary. A gutless wonder who'd rather fight Israel than ISIS. What a loser .... KEEP BUILDING!!! IGNORE obama the bum. The Arabs are.!!!
11. Obama's "concerns"
tiki ,   belgium   (05.15.15)
Israel's Jewish & Democratic identity can only survive if the "Palestinians" get a state! Israel's security can only be guaranteed if the Terrorist Entity Palestine under the self appointed leadership of Abbas & cronies will be formed and recognized. After nearly 7 years of Obama leadership one can safely say that his 'believes have been wrong most of the time, his 'concerns misplaced and his promises empty balloons. The're looking for a replacement of David Letterman. Maybe he should apply for the job as he has proved to be a better joker than president.
12. Peace with Palestinians?
Koose E Mack ,   NY US   (05.15.15)
There is as much hope for that as Obama being remembered as a good president!
13. 6 Mark
CJK   (05.15.15)
your post is sheer propaganda. it does not have a kernel of truth in it.
14. Peace to pals? Unheard of.
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (05.16.15)
The pals are kept like pit bulls that are continually hungry and so much so they eat their own young by using them to fight Israel while their fathers hide in the can shaking and pissing themselves.
15. # 6 You ignored the obvious....
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (05.17.15)
Muslim wars are happily knocking one another's brains out and, America has more terrorists attacks now than does Israel who, ironically has peace. The pals will be repatriated back to Arabia after total annexation of all 'disputed " LOL Not any more lands. LOVE BUILDING JEWISH ISRAEL, DON'T YOU??
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