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Israel remembers its most daring spy
Rotem Elizera
Published: 15.05.15, 22:27
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1. He was a great hero ! He is a great hero !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (05.15.15)
2. never understood why Israel did not intervene on his behalf
Rafi ,   US   (05.16.15)
why didn't the Israel Air Force attack Damascus while the regime hung him in front of a mob? or attack the prison where he was being tortured? anything so that the man would know that he was not alone!
3. in churchill's words. never have so many owed so much to so
ralph   (05.16.15)
few. a true hero.
4. Eli Cohen
dov bing ,   auckland, new zeal a   (05.16.15)
Eli Cohen is an inspiration for the Jewish people. I, my children and grandchildren will always remember him. Our love to his family. Dov Bing and family New Zealand
5. #1, yes, he is one of the greatest heros..
Beary White ,   Norway   (05.16.15)
of the State of Israel. Forever his name is written in the history, and will NEVER be forgotten.
6. Eli Cohen z"l, amazing courage
CJK   (05.16.15)
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