Clashes at Damascus Gate ahead of Jerusalem Day celebrations
Roi Yanovsky
Published: 17.05.15, 17:52
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1. Where's obama's 'concerns ' now on vacation?
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (05.17.15)
2. Enough of Terrorizing the Palestinians...
Yoav ,   Tel aviv   (05.17.15)
3. arrest and charge each and everyone who engages in violence.
ralph   (05.17.15)
4. Palestinian throw stones
Mark ,   Uk   (05.17.15)
And the Pope says Abas is angel of peace or did he mean to say Piss
5. And these are the Arabs that want a peace deal ? LOL !
barbara ,   Haifa   (05.17.15)
6. Israeli rule
Shira ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.17.15)
Whoever doesn't want to live under Jewish Israeli sovereignty, should leave Israel now! No one is forcing anyone to live here!
7. Jerusalem Day march
Joseph Charlap   (05.17.15)
The utter stupidity and insensitivity of allowing the march to go through the Muslim Quarter is beyond any logic. Can anyone tell me what it achieves other than hatred and violence.
8. # 7 Exercise in free speech
Bend over obama   (05.19.15)
That's what it achieves.
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