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ISIS capture Ramadi as Iraqi troops flee
Associated Press
Published: 17.05.15, 22:50
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1. Israeli Lefties still count on Obama.
ab   (05.17.15)
2. They drop their weapons & bolt yet again?
Cameron ,   USA   (05.18.15)
Man, we really are backing a losing proposition. Iraq as a viable concept is kaput.
3. Who's responsible for this tragedy? OBAMA.
David ,   Hartford USA   (05.18.15)
He ran away. A trillion dollars and thousands of dead American, British, and Australian soldiers was for nothing. Disgusting. If Islam wants to slaughter themselves in the name of their prophet and god, then let them. But never let them out of their current locations. Any ISIL activity anywhere else must be met with withering fire until they are exterminated. The Muslim countries are entering a Dark Ages and that plague must not be allowed to spread. If the Iraqi army, trained by the finest soldiers in the world, can't defeat a bunch of armed psychopaths, then Iraq is lost. Once ISIL takes total control of the country and has access to Iraq's heavy weapons, the only recourse the west will have will be to bomb them constantly to keep them running. At some point, a tactical nuke may be necessary to wipe them out. This is what happens when fools 'offer their hand' to psychopaths. How many Iraqis are dead because America left? The USA had the situation under control, until Mr. Obama took control. I wonder what the Nobel committee is thinking? So much for the Peace Prize, just a bad joke. They should ask for it back.
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