Israeli Ethiopian protesters return to Rabin Square
Ynet reporters
Published: 18.05.15, 22:01
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1. the right of demonstration is part of the state of Israel
Berk ,   Amsterdam   (05.18.15)
Doing the same in other middle-eastern countries will end up in (mass-)murder.
2. Welcome to the rascist state
Miri   (05.18.15)
Your be fine as long as your, white, religious settler and heterosexual the rest of you know what you can do..
3. Dave Kw @ FB
Birdi ,   Israel   (05.18.15)
Whoa, you are way out of line, plus your spelling needs correcting.
4. The right to demonstrate
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.19.15)
The right to demonstrate is protected by law in Israel. Israelis of Ethiopian descent have a very real complaint. Racism is wide spread here to my sorrow. The police are know for over reacting in many cases. They must learn *how* to police demonstrations and to restrain themselves. I call on *all* right thinking Israelis to join these demonstrations and to aid our fellow Jews of differing skin colours.
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