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Iran uses maritime confrontations to project power in Gulf
Published: 19.05.15, 09:11
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1. Gulf shipping is not as much of a priority for the US
MadDad ,   Johannesburg RSA   (05.19.15)
Is the administartion nuts? And in stopping a nuclear Iran they have done nothing. Stopping gulf shipping should definately also be a high priority. Is it not possible for the US Admin to multi-task? Oy what have we become!!
2. If all the world's leaders are weak, then of course
barbara ,   Haifa   (05.19.15)
Iran will be the aggressor. What's to understand ? World has to step up and take pro-action against Iran.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (05.19.15)
This must be interesting. I'm sorry for my own country men to be fallen in this trap of the mullahs again. Let's see who benefits here from this round of craziness. Ruskis will sell weapons to Iran and Yankees be will be seling l weapons to Saudis. I guess the old bad guys will enjoy this party very much and more than the others. I guess Kerry went to see Putin and have a toast on this one in Kremlin. Outin should fork over some commission to him since he is brokering a great a great deal for US and Russia.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (05.19.15)
IRAN will be buying weapons form Russia for this war and Saudis will be buying weapons for this war from USA. Guess, the two super powers have made their deal here. The only people that are suffering are the average Iranians who are caught up unb this madness.
5. @Solomon Balas - Go for it
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (05.19.15)
It is time for ACTION from all the Ynet keyboard generals, instead of just hot air. Light up those aerial war toys that Israel has and fly to Iran and drop those bombs then give the entire population of Israel an Uzi so they can march over and occupy Iran. Since Iran has over 30 million military capable humans, it will take the entire population of Israel to occupy Iran so that the Iranian leadership can be replaced. Of course the actual IDF leadership knows a few things like: (1) Israel has no capability of even damaging the Iranian CIVILIAN nuclear infrastructure. (2) Israel could lose up to 50% of the aircraft that enter Iranian air space due to Iran's multi-layer air defense systems. (3) Russia and China have publicly said they will defend Iran from attack so Israel may find that Putin has some nasty surprises. Basically any attack on Iran by either the USA or Israel would be very, very, very bad for Israel, but don't let that stop any of the keyboard generals from spewing hot air.
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