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Backstreet Boys bring the '90s back to Israel
Amit Cotler
Published: 19.05.15, 22:54
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1. 'dja ever notice that.....
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (05.20.15)
Israeli bands are like Israeli tech startups. They can get to 75-80% of world-class perfection - but then they run out of steam, and the founders "settle" for working the yordim circuit around the world. PS: I do not buy the story that song-language is the problem. Lack of devotion to perfection of craft, is the problem.
2. backstreet boys venue
barry norm ,   tel aviv, isreal   (05.20.15)
How do 20000 fans fit into a venue that holds 8000 Fix your english.. They will play over 3 days to an estimated 20,0000
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