Netanyahu suspends ban on Palestinians using Israeli buses in West Bank
Yoav Zitun, AFP
Published: 20.05.15, 14:07
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1. Arabs should be banned from Israel, Judea & Samaria is as
Israeli as can be. That's why it is called "Judea". Paleshtina exist somewhere between Sweden and Norway, so I am told! So please: don't bullshit with the busses, do the full Monty, go "full retard"....whatever it takes to dis-couple ourselves from the Islamic scourge.
2. This is the way it has to be. The Palestinians brought this
Rivkah   (05.20.15)
on themselves and have only themselves to blame.
3. no arabs on Jewish buses
Shira ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.20.15)
good idea. we don't need them to blow us up on the bus
4. Why doesnt the PA take any intiatives
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (05.20.15)
Set up meetings, talk through the problems, recognise Israels security concerns and collectively find better ways to ease the entry of Palestinian Labour into Israel Or have we conveniently forgotten just how important these jobs are to these Palestinians? It infuriates the majority of Palestinains that PRE INTIFADA there were up to 100,000 Palestinians working in Israel when cynically terrorists used the route to commit murder and virtually destroyed Palestinian employment in Israel We estimate that since then the Palestinian Economy has LOST Revenues of at least $15 Billion over ten years The moral of the story is that If you keep constant dialogue going on then it makes it less likely for Israel to take unilateral action Indeed we are not blameless in taking unilateral action on other matters either Instead the PA would rather stop any dialogue only to come out of the woodwork sporting their designer Keffiyehs baying and wailing about Israel at any opportunity Get a GRIP GUYS This is NOT Brain Surgery
5. Ban them from working in Israel
the best solution   (05.20.15)
Palestinian culture is a culture of hate and murder. Ban them from working in Israel until they will start educating their kids for peace and not for hate.
6. Rivlin should start taking the buses.
Robert ,   Israel   (05.20.15)
He doesn't give a damn about security.; How many more stabbing and deaths will it take for Rivlin to wake up to reality.
7. Good cop/Bad cop? or not: pure idiocy in any case! Idiots!!!
8. Security important but must be more dignified way for securi
Security with dignity paramount. Tighten security by all means for those who are dangerous, but not for the ordinary hard working peaceful people.
9. Bus discrimination
Maurice ,   Israel   (05.20.15)
Although we may agree that the separation of passengers by ethnicity in this particular case is not real Apartheid, unfortunately it certainly feels like and looks like Apartheid. It is impossible that our explanations whether justified or not will carry weight outside of our borders. Clearly our Hasbara has little impact against the juggernaut of international hypocrosy. So, we must find new and creative solutions to the problems which this purports to address, but not something which will give our political opponents overseas political ammunation.
10. Ya'alon Bans Palestinians from Jewish buses in West Bank
Ben ,   Zichron, ISrael   (05.20.15)
We can now officially welcome apartheid in Israel. Yaalon's limited capability for thinking has outed him and his compatriots. Netanyahu's cancellation shows that there is no communication within his circus of a government.
11. When the next attack happens
remember that apartheid has its costs.
12. Who said Arabs this was about Palestinians
Someone   (05.20.15)
There is no racism if anything this would be justified due to the illegals using this way to enter and the mass sexual harassment of Jewish females on the buses.
13. You are so racist and apartheidian
The Istanbulian ,   Istanbul   (05.20.15)
We have no problems like this in Turkey because we don't put up any signs in Kurdish! Stop being so racist and writing things in Hebrew, Arabic, and English.
14. above
moishe   (05.20.15)
to allow Arabs on busses is to allow more attacks against Jews! will be reversed as policy fails.
15. Kol Hakavod!
A Jerusalemite ,   Jersalem, Israel   (05.21.15)
Normally I have no use for Netanyahu. This once I can say Kol Hakavod and Thank you to him!
16. Hard to disagre with Mr. Mesika
Miron ,   USA   (05.21.15)
But it does not mean that unethical actions of our neighbors should turn us into just as unethical people, for safety sakes. These are hard questions to solve. And, unfortunately, present time PM is neither professionally capable off of, nor even has interest in solving.
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