Hotovely: Land of Israel belongs to the Jews
Published: 22.05.15, 10:52
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1. hotovely.....
tomer ,   jerusalem   (05.22.15)
oh hear israel..... hotovely is preaching. This young,intelligent lady is completely unexperienced in diplomatic affairs, let alone in managing a complicated ministry. First it would be advisable that shows interpersonal abilities to deal with her new staff. ( her young advisors need a crash course in basic behaviour and international issues). Then she should develop a foreign policy plan for israel. There is none.Than she may preach. Currently this looks very,very "mangement by improvistion". I wish her luck,she will need it.
2. Go Girl,tell it as it is.At least we've got more credentials
to our claim than Europe's combined states and USA, that's for sure!
4. In fact
all of it ours!!!!
5. Hatovely is right and she is tov for me!
Shira ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.22.15)
6. besides being hot and lovely
Jake ,   Jerusalem   (05.22.15)
she is also intelligent and correct!
7. Crazy!
Norm L Jew ,   Galut   (05.22.15)
What is she talking about? The next thing she will say is that Moshe Rabenu brought down the Law from Mount Sinai! Oh yeah----that is true...and so is what our new Deputy Minister is saying! Seriously, she is a wonderful example of what our leaders are supposed to be saying! Any member of the Foreign Ministry who disagrees should resign!
8. Using the bible for wordly profits
N ,   N   (05.22.15)
is against Hillel's advice in Avot 1:13!
9. Hotovely is wonderful! Hope she never changes
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.22.15)
Hotovely is wonderful! She is beautiful both inside and out. She tells it like it is. She is gutsy. I hope she never changes.
10. she is the right person for the right job at the right time
C   (05.22.15)
she can tell the euros and obama very politely that israel will not dance to their tune.
11. Amen ! Too bad the Left don't agree!
DT ,   TA Israel   (05.22.15)
12. To : Tzipi Hotovely
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem   (05.22.15)
I think Jews rightly belong to a slaughterhouse rather to any decent piece of land... You yourself , Tzipi Hotovely , count absolutely nothing when it comes to achieving a final and lasting peace for the entire Middle East . Menachem Begin himself, the butcher of King David Hotel ( 1946) and Deir Yassin ( 1948 ), echoed the same fiery statements about this land when he became prime minister of Israel , and yet in the end he bowed like a submissive sheep and agreed to give Sinai back to Egypt in the 1979 Camp David Peace Treaty... And Ariel Sharon himself , the infamous bloodthirsty butcher of Sabra and Shatilla Palestinian refugee camps of Beirut, Lebanon, in 1982 , finally recognized the Palestinian identity and even pulled the Iraeli occupiers out of the Gaza Strip by force in 2005... And Ehud Barak , the former Labor Party premier of Israel , finally withdrew from South Lebanon in 2000 under the costly and constant attacks of Hizbullah ... And now you come , Tzipi Hotovely , to make defiant and fiery statements as if you owned the entire world... You seem to be quite joyful and rejoicing because of your new cabinet post...I'm sure in the end you will be forced to retreat to the very back lines ...
13. The Wonder Women of Israeli politics:
A ,   Belgium   (05.22.15)
Hotolevy, Shaked and Regev. There may yet be hope for the future of Israeli politics.
14. Idiot
Dan   (05.22.15)
Excuse me but does Israel have a prime minister at all, someone who sets foreign policy and demands compliance with it by ministers and deputies? Or can any dangerous religious lunatic in Israel simply stand up and announce policy without control?
15. Simply the truth
tiki ,   belgium   (05.22.15)
16. she's right & we have the 2700 dead civilians to prove it!
Sally Forth ,   Israel   (05.22.15)
Yes 2700 dead civilians all of them killed while Prime Ministers Mr. Netanyahu, Sharon and Olmert were serving our nation. 2700 dead civilians surely prove that we are masters in our own land! 2700 dead civilians more Jews killed for land than anywhere else in the world. That's right Deputy Foreign Minister MK Ms.'s ours all of it!
17. Frederic Sroussi y do u always speak in plural? do u suffer
with multiple ,   personality syndrome   (05.22.15)
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