Nasrallah calls on region to fight ISIS: They are no stronger than Israel, US
Roi Kais
Published: 24.05.15, 19:23
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1. Daniel's vision
erin ,   USA   (05.24.15)
You know, you can get angry and blame everything on the rebellious angels, whoare attacking God's holy angels, and although the prince of Persia, and the prince of Greece described by this vision Daniel saw does include armies of rebellious angels more powerful than you and I fighting God's holy angels Gabriel and Michael, but even that being true- human beings have still done things they should not have done. They rebellious angels shouldn't have dragged human beings into sin but SOMEWHERE in that time, people should have said, " I shouldn't be doing this." and tried to climb back out. Human beings should have stopped themselves- yet I have people that mock me to this day. I fight for holy angels, which also protects you, but like Daesh or ISIL as the westerners call it, the people involved still should stop themselves from killing or maming people. The fallen angels aren't all to blame for what we've seen. We've got people on earth who willfully kill and set it up to look like someone else did it- expecting redemption- yet there will be none. Attacking the prince of Greece, or the prince of Persia in the heavenlies will not absolve human beings of their guilt- too many people know the truth and still continue on in their wrong path.I know ISIL needs to be stopped- they can't be allowed to murder anymore- but even removing the fallen angels off them won't end their harmfuul actions. People encourage them to do this- and people gave them the music and gear to do this harmful stuff. That's why we see the end of Tyre written, the end of human cities written- people are responsible for some of it. It's not all the evil angels' fault. Fighting the evil angels off to help God's holy angels is holy- it is not related to saving people from sinning. They shouldn't have let themselves get dragged off and srayed dragged off in sin. This is their own fault- this is why we need Yeshua- He paid the prices of all our sins- because there was a need to save us from utter collapse. We see it today- if He hadnot come- we would not be able to stand. If you want to fight the evil angels because hou love God's holy angels- then stand. ISIL is another story. They can't be conquered until the evil angels are conquered, and even then- they should just go to jail. And until we find out the human beings that are directing ISIL's behavior, we can't really be sure anything other than jail is appropriate for these young men and women who join the fight to fight what they think is integral.
2. nasrollah
merv   (05.24.15)
israel may not want to admit it, but other than a few lies, nasrollah is far superior to the israeli leaders past and present. Olmeert, peres. livni, herzog, bibi, peretz, lapid all are weaklings compared to nasrollah. He is measured, unafraid oflosses, and strongly leads his troops. Olmert and bibi were afraid of casualties and feinted at the drop of blood.Bibi, lapid and livni failed miserably in the gaza campaign which is why they run crying to the US all the time.
3. The Visionary.
Gabe ,   Canada   (05.24.15)
Nazirullah is scared to death thinking of the sharp knife in the hands of Daesh ready to slice off his deranged head. We will miss him. He is so funny.
4. Ehud Barak's abrupt withdrawal from Lebanon in 2001...
Rafi ,   US   (05.24.15)
... at no cost whatsoever to Hizbollah - basically awarding the Shia militia and Iran a "freebie" - remains a low point in Israel's military history, seriously eroding Israeli deterrence in the region. For this colossal strategic blunder that borders on treason - Barak still has not been adequately called to task... Meanwhile it's ironic that supposedly anti-western Nassrallah is basically chiding the US for not applying enough of its air power to a regional conflict just around the corner from his bunker..
5. ISIS is much more deadly to Arabs than Israel ever was
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.24.15)
6. Daniel's Vision
The Bald S cotsman ,   Tampa   (05.24.15)
7. Nasrallah understands Islamic terror perfectly
c   (05.24.15)
nasrallah has been a practitioner of terror for decades. he knows full well that islamic terrorists love to murder and torture. now he is afraid that his own people will become victims of islamic terror. he knows that the islamic state considers him to be an infidel. nasrallah is terrified of the islamic states which is the most ruthless of islamic terrorists. yet he still threatens israel and shows off tunnels going into israel. nasrallah needs to know that even if he survives the savages of the islamic state, he will be destroyed by the jewish state of israel.
8. Hezbollah is impotent
Sean ,   Pasadena USA   (05.25.15)
Been fighting ISIS for a long time. Almost no battles or victories to show for it despite support from two countries.
9. sounds like he needed more bombs...
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (05.25.15)
is this an invitation to another 'dance.?' Easy for him to say as he scurries back to his bunker ...
10. Agree with 2 & 4.
JVC ,   LA, USA   (05.25.15)
Nasrallah may be a terrorist, anti-semite and all the rest but I have come to trust him on certain prognostications more so than the West since he has come to prominence. Hezbollah has shown the chinks in Israel's armor. As an erstwhile military history buff and historian, Nasrallah has appeared, to me at least, to accurately describe and lampoon Western hypocrisies and bluffs over the years. I do not admire him at all but there should not be a denial that he incorporates and encapsulates an ideology that is attractive to many people in that region and he does so in a pull-no-punches style that has made a laughing stock of the IDF on several occasions. I don't celebrate this fact but I acknowledge it. Eitan, Dayan and the other fighting pioneers would turn in their graves.
11. He forget
m ,   Romania   (05.25.15)
He forget to tell that, compared to Israeli visit in S Lebannon which had only the aim to calm them down and left them as they were, an ISIS visit would send almost all of them to the virgins.
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