Olmert sentenced to 8 months for Talansky bribes
Roi Yanovsky, Aviel Magnezi
Published: 25.05.15, 09:27
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1. He ought be let free its a minor disdimenour
Zechariah   (05.25.15)
Naturally he ought work for the UIA to recoup funds for the poorer elements . Teachers who pick on his grandchildren are low and ought be expelled He has useful knowledge and ought repent and give advice re traps for the unwary.
2. The joke of it
Disillusioned   (05.25.15)
The argument for so low a sentence was that the poor man had suffered so whilst under investigation, boo hoo. He'll be out in 3 months, then running for office, because this is what institutionalized corruption does in a country. A president in jail for rape. A prime minister in jail for fraud. A former jailed minister (for embezzling funds) rewarded with a high cabinet post. Crime pays in Israel.
3. What will his grandchildren think?
GSW ,   Uk   (05.25.15)
Should have thought about that when he took the bribe! Guess he will end up spending five minutes in jail and the rest on remand.
4. very sad
CJK   (05.25.15)
he deserved it. he betrayed his office and he betrayed his nation. he betrayed the torah and he betrayed all those who died defending the name.
5. fairly light sentence
Jake ,   Jerusalem   (05.25.15)
He must have quite a bit of influence in the court system. and for a tiny fine compared to the amount of money he illegally received is also a joke. I think next we should investigate our court of almost justice system and the so called justices. Doesn't seem just to me...
6. Olmet the criminal
Yoel ,   Israel   (05.25.15)
Why are we seeing his face on TV- he should have been sent to jail not for 8 months but for 8 years- disgraceful bast...d
7. rotten israel courts
marcel   (05.25.15)
the courts will reduce the 6 year + sentence based on good works of olmert to the state-like hezbollah war and 150 israeli dead needlessly. and the concessions that olmert offered that would have put nasrollah on the kinneret-you shmucks. This lousy rotten legal system has no guts and just protects the elite. Olmert should sit in jail for his entire term. Shaked should rightly put this court in proper place and keep it out of israeil politics. Olmert deserves a long prison sentence period.
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