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Dutch textbook: Jews murdered Arabs, Begin was a terrorist
Itamar Eichner, Hillel Posek
Published: 26.05.15, 23:07
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1. Boy vs tank
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (05.27.15)
The text under this picture says that this boy [ not another one ] was shot
2. Even worse
Imanonov ,   Amsterdam; Holland   (05.27.15)
The caption under the "tank" picture actually says that this very 13 year old boy who threw the stone, was later killed in a similar action. I was once upon a time proud to be Dutch. No longer!
3. Jews enraged Genocide Paper1939
Zechariah   (05.27.15)
The Jews were enraged the Arabs stopped the flow of Jews escaping Nazi Europe 1933-1945 to Empty areas of Mandated Palestine . After the Shoah the Arabs and British refused to let in the Holocaust Survivors . The Palestinan Leader the Grand Mufti El Husseini had lemon Juice with hitler and praised the Nazi Extermination and offered to help Genocide the Jews of the Balkans . The Dutch Police in WW2 helped the Nazis kill one hundred thousand Dutch Jews by rounding them up lying to them that they were going to safevplaces yet knowing they were to be gassed. The EU did nothing to break Arab genocidal aggression in 1967 forcing the Jews into the Six Day War.
4. Oh, but they keep the Anna Frank house so nice!?
5. The worst kind of hypocrites
Yanni   (05.27.15)
They like to be maudlin and tearful when pretending what friends of the Jews they are.
6. They provided SS with 2 volunteer divisions
ab   (05.27.15)
,their grandchildren are continuing in the best Dutch traditions. Interesting question is what do they write about curious fact Dutch Nazi collaborators put to jail after Ww2 "escaped" to Germany-and Holland didn't ask Germans for extradition.
7. Of course The Dutch would distort History!
koose e mack ,   NY US   (05.26.15)
They are terrified of their native Muslim population. Holland has become a Caliphate and it's citizens will soon be full fledged Dhimmi. They need someone like Kurt Wilders to lead them out of the Dark Ages!
8. this is a lie. but a truth is dutch murdered dutch jews
ralph   (05.27.15)
9. Discussion
The Bald Scotsman ,   Tampa, USA   (05.27.15)
There is no doubt that atrocities have occurred and both sides are guilty. We can and probably will continue to blame each other via truth, lies, and propaganda. As long as people on both sides of the divide continue to try and show how the other side are evil, while their side is innocent and peace loving, we will sink into a never ending abyss of hatred. If anyone can figure out a way where people of genuine good will are willing to sit and talk with each other and not at each other trying to out accuse, there will never be peace. I can't remember, but I think it was George Brown the ex- British foreign minister and idiot who said "Why can't they act like good Christians?" Sometimes one just has to laugh.
10. And rightly so ,...
split ,   US   (05.27.15)
Not only they're right about Begin but it looks like there's no mention that on the top of those accusations he was a deserter and a thief, he and few thousand of his buddies deserted from Anders' Army in Palestine on the way to join the Allied forces fighting Nazis in N. Africa, stealing equipment, weapons, ammunition, medications and everything they could grounding the army for weeks in Palestine ,... There's no secret that Begin was blacklisted in 1950's in Great Britain as a dangerous terrorist he was denied British visa and banned to entry United Kingdom ,...
11. #3 - Pointing your finger again ,...
split   (05.27.15)
"by rounding them up lying to them that they were going to safevplaces yet knowing they were to be gassed" What have your homie Kastner and his Zionist handlers done not to 100 but 600 thousand Hungarian Jews? ,.. Unlike the Dutch police in occupied country nobody forced your homies in Palestine to make any deals with Nazis ,...
12. So the purpose of all this industry of lies...
Arie   (05.28.15)
Is to prevent the Jews from pointing their finger....
13. In the best tradition of Amin Al Husseini....
i-peace   (05.28.15)
Arafat, Saddam Hussein, Morsi, Assad, Khaminei plotted genocides. Palestinian scholar must inventory the crimes against humanity committed by their leadership. Palestinian scholars like Edward Said planted many lies dressed in scholarship. Today, the Iranian leadership act in the best tradition of the Djingis Khans.
14. The basic facts are true. Tank picture wrong.
James USA   (05.29.15)
The truth isn't antisemitic. Beside the only Semites in israel are the Palestinians. The rest are european immigrants.
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