Iranian cartoon features Netanyahu leading Islamic State
Published: 28.05.15, 15:25
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1. This is a case of the pot calling the kettle black
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.28.15)
2. Cheap ploy
Arevs   (05.28.15)
This is just an Iranian attempt to make people forget that USA is actively working and coordinating with Iran in Iraq and even Syria. Iranians are afraid of being exposed and seen as collaborators with USA, so they create make believe cartoons to beguile people into different direction
3. i guess this is why isis is kicking irans ass
ralph   (05.28.15)
4. Betya it was the UN behind the one who made the cartoon
Dan   (05.28.15)
featuring Netanyahu leading the IS.
5. Where are the great Iranian Warriors?
Benji ,   US   (05.29.15)
Don't see them conquering ISIS. Too busy with cartoon contests and propaganda. Interesting how the US and Israel are depicted as the strongmen while the Muslim/Arab world runs in circles. Can we at least see a drawing of Khamenei riding the ISIS monster.
6. How many mosques have Jews torched as a result
A ,   Belgium   (05.30.15)
of this insult to the Prime Minister of Israel? How many islamics have been butchered by revenge hungry Jews? How many schools in Europe will post guards in front of islamic institutions under threat of retaliatory actions by Jews as a result of insulting the Prime Minister of Israel?
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