UN envoys wants IDF on blacklist with Islamic State
Itamar Eichner
Published: 28.05.15, 16:33
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1. U.N. lost its compass
Suzanne ,   Massachusetts   (05.28.15)
Too bad the U.N.'s only role these days (by its own merit) is to humor failed states.
2. Israel will continue to exercise her right to self defence
CJK   (05.28.15)
there is nothing that the jew hating un can do to prevent the jewish state from defending herself against murderous islamic terrorists.
3. Graham
sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (05.28.15)
Why doesn't he let Bibi talk for his own nation. Bibi can bash Obama in front of his own people and Congress, but he can't defend his own army in the UN? The US is not the lapdog of the State of Israel and sometimes it is not our business to get involved. Maybe the Israeli's will appreciate our President if he abstains in the UN a few times to show the Israeli's what it would look like without US support. Maybe we can get a thank you once in a while instead of begging and backstabbing.
4. What will it take for Israel to quit this abomination?!
5. Inclusion of IDF on list with acknowledged global terroristl
Dennis Holober ,   United States   (05.28.15)
It is equally troubling to learn from this article that the USA funds a quarter of the United Nations' annual budget, which, as a voting citizen of the USA will actively and vociferously try to have that illogical contribution significantly reduced, and that the reduction of funding be included on the platform upon which candidates for our next president is elected.
6. High time.
Gabe ,   Canada   (05.28.15)
What is preventing the Government from countering the slanderous provocations aggressively, credibly and using the media efficiently ?
7. UN list
Henry Tobias ,   Israel   (05.28.15)
And Israel has no Foreign Minister!
8. Israel should kick the UN out of Israel
steve from raleigh   (05.28.15)
Just kick them out.
9. And Americans never killed children because of
barbara ,   Haifa   (05.28.15)
collateral damage ? Hypocrites - all of you.
10. Another week...
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (05.28.15)
...another threat to Israel. All the pious criticism of anti-Semitism is nothing but mendacious whitewash. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
11. The UN is a....
SIMON ORDEVER ,   Los Angeles, USA   (05.28.15)
#BDS (Bloody Diabolical Shambles)
12. not surprising
MICHEL ,   ASHKELON   (05.28.15)
This would be the best proof of the antisemitism and moral corruption of the UN.
13. Put the UN on a blacklist instead of pressuring the UN to
Dan   (05.28.15)
remove Israel. The United Nothings should never have been allowed into Israel.
14. Hamas uses children as human shields
ttt   (05.28.15)
15. LOL! The USA and UK will be on the list too?
oded Israeli ,   Israel   (05.29.15)
After all, they just killed more than 50,000 children in Iraq and Afghanistan during the last 13 years (and I'm not even mentioning the number of German children they killed in WW2)...
16. First mr ban ki moon Must Put russia, iran and lebanon
As well as pakistan, afganistan. What Sic Bastards these So-Called protectors are!!!
17. UN envoys wants IDF on blacklist with Islamic State
Joan Taylor ,   Sydney Australia   (05.29.15)
Isn't it about time that the UN turned its attention to the crimes committed against children and others throughout the rest of the world instead of constantly returned to the "evils" Israel.
18. 3
CJK   (05.28.15)
mark, the un is a cesspool of totalitarian dictatorial regimes. the us should not support this organisation which very often works against us interests and values. it is unfortunate that obama's ideological bent will not allow him to acknowledge that the un is bankrupt.
19. F the UN
Steve ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (05.28.15)
ill accept Israel being on that list right after the UN puts its own name on that list for never liftig a hand to help any group in trouble. Non Muslims being beheaded by ISIS No worry the UN will say something bad about Israel. Boko harem kidnapping little girls so they can give them to their pedophile terrorists no worry the UN will Trash Israel while flotus holds a sign. the UN is a worthless entity controlled by everything that is wrong on this planet, but that's ok because you can just blame Israel. oh and don't forget to add the USA to that list they killed more kids since 911 with their smart bombs they anyone else.
20. no mention of Hamas I see
zionist forever   (05.29.15)
Al Quaida, Boko Harim, ISIS, Taliban. Why is there no mention of Hamas or any of the other arab terror groups? The ICC wants to charge Israel for war crimes but there have been no serious investigations into Hamas actions in Gaza. Its time we withdrew our UN membership then we would not be bound by any of their treaties and it would save millions every year on UN membership fees.
21. UN Credibility yet another whammy
Tim ,   Brighton   (05.28.15)
The same Anti Israel Cabal using and abusing the UN simply to try to frustrate and subvert Israel The fact remains that in the War which Hamas started last year against Israel with over 5000 Rockets fired indiscriminately from civilian population centres in Gaza DIRECTLY into population centres inside Israel. Israel had no choice and every legal right to protect her civilians and stop these barrages by Land Sea and Air Civilian deaths on either side are a terrible tragedy but Israel cannot be held responsible morally dutifully truthfully and legally
22. Childrens Rights
Joseph Hayden ,   apple valley   (05.28.15)
Put the Saudis on as well .
23. Graham is fine. Wish we had more like him...
Rafi ,   US   (05.29.15)
and his friend John McCain.
24. #5 Dennis Holober: COMPLAIN,PROTEST
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (05.29.15)
How any times,now,have I had to point out to US citizens that complaining here is POINTLESS? What's the matter with you all?Get off your backsides and complain and protest to your Representatives. I I'm not a US citizen and cannot do it for you though I can and DO complain and protest to the UK government. For goodness sake,get on with it. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
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