Officials scramble to prevent FIFA vote to oust Israel
Itamar Eichner
Published: 29.05.15, 09:39
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1. Do we have any self respect left? Even contemplating such
voting should make this outfit absolutely not fit for "Israeli consumption". Get the hell out of there, as well as out of the rotten UN. "Alone shall we dwell", so be it!
2. Forget the self respect. There's too much money involved for
3. Hotovely from the Foreign Office
Michael ,   Haifa   (05.29.15)
Maybe she can explain to the FIFA delegates the importance of Rashi in their reaching a decision about Israel's rights
4. FIFA and other cases
Nathan ,   Herzliya   (05.29.15)
This is the aftereffect of the previous and present foreign affair politics. Now we know the value of the people israeli majority voted for. Zero.
5. Israel's expulsion will be the end of FIFA
naro ,   nyc   (05.29.15)
FIFA will be broken up and replaced by a new body as it should be.
6. FIFA is a den of corruption...
Al   (05.29.15)
Israeli soccer will survive. Stop the worrying. Ironic enough just two days before FIFA is to vote on Israel's ouster they get hit up with corruption charges. Goes to show what FIFA is all about.
7. The Munich massacre
Michael   (05.29.15)
So the Palestinians who murdered Israeli athletes in the Olympics now have a right to expel them as well. In a sane world the Palestinians should have been punished with a ban from sports. Instead the morally confused world entertains their perverted actions.
8. FIFA will loose too!
N ,   N   (05.29.15)
FIFA officials will be exposed as hypocrites, when they expel Israel but maintain the Word Cup 2022 in Qatar.
9. Begging to stay in corrupt organisations
tiki ,   belgium   (05.29.15)
Israel should keep the honour to itself by stepping out of organisations like FIFA & UN. Let these organisations keep the company of crooks, primitives & terrorists in designer suits. There might be a surprise. When one civilized sheep crosses the dam others will follow because of their desire not to be connected with the above who have raided civilisation to bend it to their crooked rules.
10. anti jewish football
ky   (05.29.15)
Jews have always had it from the earliest times. At least two or three pro footballers, perhaps more, were murdered by the Nazis. Eddie Hamel being the most famous. yet not one word of memorial from the disgusting wretches at FIFA. This is not to mention at the lower levels where Jewish players had and still have to to suffer exclusion and violence . This is the reason why in the UK Jewish leagues were created. Those who promote the game pretend that it is a smiling happy game with a glamorous image but there is another reality.
11. FIFA continues the persecution of a small but valiant
Alfredo ,   Raanana   (05.29.15)
people. They and the Rajoubs are bottom dwellers flushed to the sewers of history. We will continue to win Nobel prizes and contribute far above our numbers. Sooner or later more decent people in this globe are bound to know the good. from the scum.
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