Ex-Hamas minister: Gaza road paved in preparation for right time to attack
Liad Osmo
Published: 30.05.15, 14:31
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1. destroy the road
geroge   (05.30.15)
destroy the road-end of story. Bibi won't cause he needs everyone to sign off. Gal on says make concessions so gazans won't be motivated to do iattack.This is what got 6 million jews killed. Destroy the bloody road.
2. Who said Arab terrorist haven't got sense of humor?
3. I doubt this road has any military objectif.
yossi   (05.30.15)
It will be so easy to destroy it by an airstrike.
4. Simple deception
David ,   Australia   (05.30.15)
The road has no significance to Hamas whatsoever. It's what they are building underneath under the noses of the IDF that's significant. It could also be a form of intelligence gathering as Hamas never builds anything without it being used to harm or destroy.
5. Works hide tunnel digging noise
Avi L.   (05.30.15)
6. Joke of the year?
Shalom ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.30.15)
"The army believes the paving of the dirt road does not signify a security threat to Israel." The latest gross error of "military intelligence," for which Israel is likely to pay a large price sometime.
7. LOL, Israeli tanks & would be first to use it on the way to
brenrod   (05.30.15)
.. the urban renewal of Gaza city and rafah
8. Gaza
Carl Resnick ,   New Jersey, USA   (05.31.15)
Militarily, this is stupidity on a level I've never seen before! If I were an Israeli officer, I would keep,an eye out but doubt it's useful in a military attack! Too easy to choke off! Watch for tunnels first!
9. new road
expert   (06.01.15)
maybe it is a road on top of a tunel
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