400 participate in SlutWalk in Jerusalem: 'No means no!'
Omri Efraim
Published: 30.05.15, 15:20
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1. What is the reason for dressing provocatively ?
miriam ,   israel   (05.30.15)
It would be wise to limit one's "nudity" to bathing in pools and at the seashore.
2. protesting for recognition of human
rachel ,   here   (05.31.15)
rights does not mean one should do so in such a ridiculous way that it sends a very wrong message. One SHOULD address being abused verbally and physically by stating the obvious... that these actions ARE ones of abusers wanting power NOT sex!!! SECONDLY Sadly TOO many young ladies' fashion sense needs to be corrected in Jerusalem (Old City especially). These ladies would never walk around Saint Peter's Square/the White House Complex nor even a court of law dressed in skin tight leggings or bikini tops. These outfits are best suited for the gym or beach or home...not a city street. Same as wearing a completely tsnias ball gown in the city...totally wrong fashion. This has nothing to do with the protest and has more to do with FLAGRANT fashion crimes!!!!
3. if we advise a guy to...
Bluegrass Picker   (05.31.15)
...keep his wits about him when dealing with investment offers, it does NOT mean we are "victim shaming" him for having been scammed by a con artist. Likewise, when we advise women to comport themselves in dignified demureness, it is NOT victim shaming!
4. things Netanyahu haves to fix in Israel....
Adler J   (05.31.15)
There are many clothes companies in Israel that when they hire someone to work in sales, they tell the worker to wear shirts and clothes of the store during the mishmeret because of rules of the store. You cant wash it before wearing it because it is not yours. This kind of rules are anti-hygienic, not to mention the restaurants and coffee shops that obligated workers to wear a black tshirt because light colours get dirty more easyly, - I think that in general stores workers have less good tnaim than workers of the government for example, where the oved hamedina haves 8 hours of work daily. Just an opinion...
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