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A bitter battle for control of oldest synagogue in the US
Associated Press
Published: 31.05.15, 20:32
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1. Bigger booshah at Shearith Israel
avram ben mordecai   (05.31.15)
The NY congregation has hired a right wing Lithuanian centered Soleveitchik as their clergy dismantling the noble sefardi tradition at the kehillah. Rather than perpetuating the tolerance of sefardi orthodoxy and the Rambam he preaches ashkenazi and, no joke, holds dinners serving chocolate covered locusts.
2. #1 Locusts would be Temani or .......
HIstory nut ,   Israel   (06.02.15)
Middle Eastern fare. Certainly not ashkenazi.
3. Touro Synagogue
Max Friedman ,   Arlington, Virgina U   (06.04.15)
My family has visited the Touro Synagogue over the decades and have found it a beautiful testament to Judaism and tolerance in America. For once, how about some of Hollywood or New York Jewish liberal elites giving money to a good cause instead of supporting the enemies of America and Israel?
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