Opinion  Nahum Barnea
Rajoub can be deterred, but what about the rest of the world?
Nahum Barnea
Published: 02.06.15, 00:05
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1. Barnea: well-stated. The Jewish right-wing is on a mission
Rafi ,   US   (06.02.15)
... to isolate Israel. So far they've done very well.
2. Whatever. Time to declare Yehuda&Shomron unequivocal part
of Israel. Then they all can jump through fiery hoops for all we care.
3. Hasbara
Michael ,   Haifa   (06.02.15)
The solution is lots and lots of Hasbara, preferably the crazy-style Hasbara of Hotovely until all the world accepts our post 1967 land theft and our pre-1967 legitimacy
4. If Muslims are allowed to build there...
nadav ,   tlv   (06.02.15)
then certainly Jews can build there. No racist, antisemitic double standards!
5. West Bank Policy
Fred Willis ,   Chicago USA   (06.02.15)
The problem is that Israel has NO policy when it comes to the West Bank. There is no enunciated policy other than resisting pressure over the West Bank. No one in Israel will tell its friends how Israel staying in the West Bank works. I can easily, but Israel can't at all.
6. Occupation is a challenge to Israel's existence
7. all the fault of labor, the left and leftist jews. only righ
ralph   (06.02.15)
can save the day
8. With Jews like Barnea we don't need Arab enemies!
9. Great, memorable words by Barnea, but no solutions:
Scharp ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (06.02.15)
"..."but the aura of courage around his strike had faded. Shortly afterwards, he folded the tent and went home." "Someone reminded Rajoub where he came from and where he is headed. Or he just remembered it on his own. " "All sides in this story are playing make believe." "Rajoub can be deterred. There are ways to do that. But as long as we have not occupied the rest of the world, we have a problem." A good change for all might come when pro-palestinians and IsraelĀ“s friends in the west takes a hard look at themselves, and at Hamas and at the intra-palestinians problems. But that scenario sounds messianic.
10. Butt kisser Barnea at the feet of goon Rajoub.
ab   (06.02.15)
Just as he was kissing the ground pedophile Arafat was walking on. It's you problem loser Barnea you have atavistic need to serve those who want to kill you
11. Another Leftist looking for an excuse to get rid of settlers
Sam ,   Canada   (06.02.15)
To whom do the Western friends have to explain anything? Nobody but the Leftist Jewish media is busy with the settlers. The Palestinians are busy trying to get rid of all Jews in Israel and the West Bank. The Jewish Leftist media should focus on that rather than making up stories of the problem of Jews on the West Bank.
12. Defending Israel.
tiki ,   belgium   (06.02.15)
Concious & righteous Europeans can't get it over their feeble hearts to defend the Israeli "occupation"., although they have no problem with other occupations in the world. Although we all know that their concious is filled with horror, not about the 'occupation' but about a State full of Jews which raised to mind blowing success against all odds. Now the United Liberal Hypocrites of the West believe to have found the perfect way to reset this wrongdoing under the banner of "Human rights & whitewashing of Terrorists", the real infiltrators of the Jewish lands. They know it and we know it and therefore Israel needs a.s.a.p. a ministry of PR, which is as important as the Defence & Economy ministries for without it, the latter two will suffer because of it!
13. Patriots have no trouble defending Israel.
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.02.15)
Pathetic leftists, like Barnea, have trouble defending Israel. Because they AGREE with Israel's foes that we have no right to our more than 4,000 year old ancestral heartland. Patriots have no problem defending Israel's actions in Judea and Samaria.
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