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Anti-Semitic activity on US campuses increasing
Itamar Eichner
Published: 01.06.15, 23:25
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1. Nothing should be "concerning" anymore. The trend is clear &
unstoppable. the Western world is going to hell. we should avoid joining it. we have options.
2. These students will soon become Senators & people of
influence in the declining USA. If you think Obama regime is bad just wait, Oh Boy!
3. Obama keeps silent on harassment and intimidation of Jews
C   (06.01.15)
obama refuses to protect the jewish community. he supports the muslim brotherhood. the american jewish community itself has fallen prey to obama's demagoguery on jewish values and so called jewish muslim reconciliation. the jewish community should stop letting itself be used by obama's populism.
4. #2 - You reap what you sow ,...
split   (06.02.15)
Sooner or later there's an end to everything including brainwashing, corrupting, manipulating and milking an American or any society ,... Do you think that the countless Jewish charities rip-off artists like Mr. Foxman's with $3/4 million salary not counting perks and $1.5 million retirement compensation paid by government grants and tax deductible donations that must be replaced by additional taxes imposed on over worked and over taxed six pack Joe to fill the void in government coffers creates you friends? Google 'Who Earns What at America's Biggest Jewish Non-Profits' and read all about it ,... At the end there's a price to pay for it ,... Have a good one ,...
5. #4:Of course: we run the world. At least Poland.....
6. #5 ,...
split   (06.03.15)
Dude, google "The most overpaid and underpaid Jewish charity chiefs" until you won't get rid off this 'Jew can do no wrong' mentality you won't get it and be hated forever ,...
7. Marriage of Far Left&Islamists
Christy ,   Boston, US   (06.04.15)
Has been going on for a while. The same groups that are anti-Semitic are also anti-US and Anti-West. Alumni of these schools should speak out and withhold donations. Contact the various governing boards of these universities. Get together with other like-minded alum. US Taxpayers should contact their representatives and demand laws be enforced and funding removed if these things are allowed to continue. There are groups on the web trying to address issues such as this. Search the web and find one. This problem will *not* go away unless people take some action.
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