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Erdoğan: 'Liberate Jerusalem' from the Jews
Eldad Beck, Berlin
Published: 01.06.15, 11:04
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IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (06.01.15)
Wow! I hope the Sultans in SA are taking notes. This idiot will say anything to get elected. God help the Turks with this crazy loon in charge.
2. Problem: Erdogan. Solution:...
JtC ,   Nir Eliyahu / /Jhb   (06.01.15)
Erdo-Gone Leaders who espouse such overt anti-Semitism need to be eliminated
3. I knew this man is an idiot, but why...
Beary White ,   Norway   (06.01.15)
... do HE tell it openly ? Idiot !! :-) But for sure, all members of the evil cult of islam will vote for the jerk...
4. Mad Dog of Turkey is barking again
CJK   (06.01.15)
there is no point to replying to this delusional demagogue who imagines himself to be the new saladin. to think that mad dog erdogan has been obama's model and friend.
5. Liberation
jez ,   netanya   (06.01.15)
And may the Pope liberate Constantinople (Istanbul) and fly the flag of Christendom from its citadels.
Robert ,   Israel   (06.01.15)
IT IS ALL OUR FAULT.- Because we keep traveling with Turkish airlines, buying Turkish made cars, and Turkish linen, and Turkish pasta and food, on. All because they are cheaper than others. Where is our Jewish pride gone?
7. playing the card of emotionalism & nostalgia
Cameron ,   USA   (06.01.15)
Strength or weakness in a Turkish setting?
8. #6 I agree 100%..we are a gang of schnorrers
Al   (06.01.15)
70 years after the greatest tragedy to befall our people in 2000 years, we still seek favour with our enemies. Thank goodness there is an Israel for without an Israel we'd still be the nebby petz we have been forever. AS TO TURKISH AIRLINES...I wouldn't be caught dead on that airline irrespective of the cheap fares they offer. The same for Lufthansa.
9. This is why we love and respect Erdogan
Kren   (06.01.15)
Godspeed you emperor, Erdogan!
10. And these fools wonder why the EU turns them away?
Cameron ,   USA   (06.01.15)
11. Erdogan The Mad Dog
Ginette Golden ,   Canada   (06.01.15)
Everyone knows his bark is louder than his bite (trying to compensate here?) The best thing to do to a rabid dog (and I love animals!) is to put him out of his misery by placing a bullet between his eyes.
12. It's true then -
NilsG ,   Helsingborg, Sweden   (06.01.15)
- a Turkish President is openly trying to court the Kurds in reminiscing about Saladin. My how time changes.
13. And this demagogic rabble-rouser still has status in NATO?
Rafi ,   US   (06.01.15)
By the way, in the context of actual history, Salahadin was actually a protector of the Jews of Jerusalem - while the Crusaders slaughtered them. Thank goodness, due to the State of Israel, the Jews of Jerusalem today don't need to depend on anyone else but IDF for their well-being. Meanwhile Jews should have no complaints about Salahadin's historical role. But a vicious demagogue never lets facts get in the way of his gutter-like screeds...
14. #13 rafi, Hardly any Jews lived in Jerusalem during Saladin
Jake   (06.01.15)
It was still a tiny number, marginally more than the number that existed during the Crusader era. Saladin conquered Jerusalem for Islam, not for the Jews, and Jews had to wait for the collapse of the Ottoman Empire before any kind of large-scale Jewish immigration and settlement of the Eretz Israel was possible.
15. #6 You are absolutely right!
Oleg ,   USA   (06.01.15)
16. Erdogoon do you want Jerusalem?
Erez   (06.01.15)
Come and take it.
17. Liberate Turkey from Erdogan.
Koose E Mack ,   NY USA   (06.01.15)
18. Seems that the rest of the world is on a different planet,
living a parallel reality. The UN, FIFA, USA, Europe....and of course the Muslim sphere around us. It must be something in their drinking water.
19. Liberate Greeks' Constantinople from Asian Turks!
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (06.02.15)
IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (06.02.15)
REAL DUMB ONES LIKE THIS PIECE OF WORK! I think Muslims need to really sit down and figure how they can get away from these mullahs that are eating away their lives.
21. @ #9 Emperor? WOW!
IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (06.02.15)
Your emperor is even scared of eating his own food. He is the Emperor in his own bedroom, but that is it. Killing innocent people and making them convert to Islam by force is a mark of horrible emperor. That is what he is doing in Iraq.
22. The MADMAN of Turkey
Mark ,   T.a.Israel   (06.02.15)
As the Elections are nearing and his Supporters are disappearing he knows that he will be sent to gallows and then we see the toxic rhetoric against Jews and Israel thinking to divert the People Animosity against him this time to ISRAEL . But Turks are not stupid ! This time they will put this Madman to where he belongs : the famous Asylum for for Mad People : The Psychiatric Asylum of Bakirkoy , ISTANBUL !
23. Byzantine Empire
Francis ,   Rome Italy   (06.01.15)
Liberate The Byzantine Empire from the occupying Mongolas.
24. What we need is 'Liberation' of Erdogans brain
Tim ,   Brighton   (06.02.15)
IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (06.03.15)
26. ynet shouldn't post all TB
N ,   N   (06.05.15)
#11 for example encourages a severe crime albeit somehow (but poorly) disguised.
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