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Israeli rabbi sells 'kosher' pleasure with online sex shop
Published: 01.06.15, 20:52
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1. At least Judaism is not as convoluted as Catholicism !
2. If the Rabbis can't save your soul they will ensure that
Al   (06.01.15)
you'll have a divinely inspired erection.
3. Healthy people who eat healthy
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (06.02.15)
don't need recipes to increase their appetite. Same for Jews that keep Tora purity laws .
4. 2 All Jews are not the same,nor are
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (06.02.15)
all Rabbis.Is that so difficult to understand,Al ?
5. For ynet any Jew sporting a beard is a rabbi.
A.CH.   (06.02.15)
What kind of smicha did he get to become a rabbi.
6. @3 ur right of course u r, which is y I as a sex worker...
cookin up a storm! ,   Jerusalem   (06.02.15)
have such an excellent business. Yes indeed Ora, here in Jerusalem, your holy men who keep Tora purity laws come over to my place to enjoy a healthy dinner. In fact I generally give them a few recipes to try at home with their wives because in all candor most of them have no idea how to cook a fine meal.
7. @5 but American Orthodox rabbi Shmuley Boteach is OK?
Sally Forth ,   Israel   (06.02.15)
after all he and PM Mr. Netanyahu share some of the same financial backer(s)
8. @5 did u ask that of the "rabbi" who rapes little girls?
just asking ,   Israel   (06.02.15)
or of the "rabbi" who places cameras in the mikvahs? or of the "rabbi" who beat up a little boy turning him into a vegetable in order to get the sinfulness out of him? or of the "rabbi" who brain washes young girls and uses them as sexual objects? or of the "rabbi" who received monetary gifts to give kashrut certificates? Get crackin you have a great deal of checking of "rabbis" to do!
9. 6 Holy guests? Golden opportunity
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (06.02.15)
to find out how to get a paradisiac place in the world to come.
10. 8You might have a much bigger list
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (06.02.15)
if you would check doctors
11. #8 never heard of a real rabbi raping little girls
Dan   (06.02.15)
or real rabbis doing any of the stuff you mentioned. Just because some call him "rabbi" doesn't make him a true rabbi. For your information, most, if not all, of these so-called rabbis are baalei tshuva, which means they have secular parents and got secular or non-Jewish education. This should be enough for you to understand where these "rabbis" come from.
12. Just imagine how great sex would be if the religious freaks
haven't spoiled it for millions around the world. Heck: how great LIFE could be, if not for the lies of religions?! Morality has absolutely no use for false gods and their phony representatives. Religion is just like the EU: by now too ingrained in the power-structure of the world to voluntarily give it up.
13. I think we should stop arguing
Devorah   (06.03.15)
and check out the "Product of the Week."
14. Another con.
Ex-oleh chadash ,   Brasil   (06.05.15)
Fortunately for the Aussies, he left Australia. Israel is a suitable country for such kind of people, its like my country of origin. All charlatans from around the world make alyah and come to "Haaretz". This is Israel.
15. It makes me think:
Koose E Mack ,   NY US   (06.05.15)
What happened to the grand old days of true Judaism? Polygamy and Concubines was the norm! I'll bet, there was a lot less "sexual deviancy" in those days. Who says Monogamy is normal? Most men were not created by the Lord to be with just one woman. Case in point, men much holier and better than us: Melech David and Shlomo Hamelech. Who in this generation can compare to the wisdom and holiness of the Kings of Israel. Certainly no Rabbis of this generation can come close! The edict of Rabbenu Gershom ended...why do we deny the facts of life? Do todays Torah Scholars claim more knowledge than the Rishonim?
16. The best sex toys are your
Imus Koose ,   NY US   (06.05.15)
fingertips and tongue! Generally speaking, women are attracted to men with a gentle touch and a tongue long enough to touch their forehead!
17. Boteach is orthodox???
David ,   New york   (06.05.15)
Hardly. It takes a lot to get yourself kicked out of Chabad - he was. I think it had to do with missionizing to nonjews - something that no orthodox person would sanction
18. BOteach =  BOTH-teach = a snake with divided tongue/ same like that mentally ill sydney-soldier
5 and 11 are correct   (06.07.15)
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