Opinion  Noah Klieger
It's time for an Israeli counterattack against BDS lies
Noah Klieger
Published: 02.06.15, 17:44
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1. How do you "hit" ingrained antisemitism??!
2. Strike at "Haaretz" & Amos Schocken,BDS' 5th column
ab   (06.02.15)
3. Good old Joseph Goebbels...
Avi ,   NYC, USA   (06.02.15)
What would Israel, and Mr. Klieger, do if they hadn't the Nazis to use as a trump card in everyy argument?
4. What about BDS Jewish idiots?
Sam ,   Canada   (06.02.15)
How many Jewish idiots want the US and EU to boycott Israel to bring peace? What kind of peace were these fools expecting? The enemy is not the only one caught up in Palestinian propaganda
5. Mr. Klieger ,...
split   (06.02.15)
If there's anyone who studied and adopted Goebbels' doctrine it's the Zionists - The civilized world was watching on internet and smart phones in real time Israelis picnicking on the hilltops and cheering every blast in Gaza during this what you call operation protective edge and got sick of it ,... Thanks to the tech-advancement you can't sell your PR BS with an impunity and no one sane and right mind is buying it to start with ,...
6. BDS is a totalitarian group
CJK   (06.02.15)
bds has for aim the destruction of the jewish state of israel. the aim itself is illegal under international law. bds, made up of muslims and marxists, has deluded itself into thinking that they can defeat a sovereign state. bds uses harassment, intimidation and even assault to further its aims. bds must be countered with lawsuits in the courts of law. intimidation and assault must be fought in courts. boycotts must be challenged under wto rules, antidiscrimination rules based on national and religious discrimination. supporters of israel, be they jewish or christian, need to pass legislation outlawing boycotts. bds must be sued as an organisation under civil laws and their fundings seized.
7. FB Victor Deeb ยท
A ,   Belgium   (06.02.15)
You shouldn't concern yourself with questions about anti semitism. After all, in a very short time, the French failed invention called "Syria", including it's breeding ground for hatred called Damascus University will no longer exist, and you will only have your islamic "bretheren" to thank.
8. Fighting Back the Arab Propaganda
Norm ,   Montreal, Canada   (06.03.15)
I have been saying for years that it is imperative that the Israelis fight back the constant lies spread throughout the world by some of the Arab media and individuals. I believe at one time some of the most important PR firms in the USA offered their services but were turned down by stubborn politicians. It is about time they wake up and employ everything at their disposal to counter these lies.
9. A counter campaign
Michael ,   Haifa   (06.03.15)
Such a campaign can only succeed, when led by Tsipy Hotevely with backup from Rashi
10. Your hands are tied by the settlement enterprise
11. Split
Mike ,   New York USA   (06.04.15)
And the world also watched as the so called Palestinians cheered and gave out sweets when the Twin towers were destroyed. So what's your point? We also see the beheadings and slaughter of the Arabs by ISIS. Do you think the world are a bunch of fools?
12. BDS lies? Really Mr Klieger is that the best you can do?
Stan ,   Israel   (06.05.15)
Oppressed people do not have human rights THIS IS A FACT. The oppression of the non-White races in SA was a fact not a lie. The Palestinian have lived under Israeli OCCUPATION for 48 years. Their freedom and human rights are severely curtailed.NO LIES, JUST FACTS, BDS is used to help oppressed races shake off the yoke of oppression. It worked against APARTHEID, and it will work eventually against THE OCCUPATION. No lies, just facts.
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