Obama: We can't maintain Iran sanctions forever
Published: 02.06.15, 23:51
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1. Obama Policy :Genocide Prevention
Zechariah   (06.03.15)
Obama has a Policy of Genocide prevention.Mass Murders War Crimes the USA cannot prevent but the Genocide of Millions it has the Power. This is the main USA foreign Policy. Hamas and the Palestinians and Islam in general had many ProNazis WW2 and now.They cannot be allowed Power. Arabs can live east of the Jordan ruled by the Hashemites and their Kings.Jordan is for the Hashemites and the USA cannot destabilise them as long as they are Moderate.
2. What a bastard
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (06.02.15)
Jewish people HAVE a homeland and,in fact,it's a Jewish state,the State of Israel. Israel is already a democracy. Neither a Jewish homeland nor democracy are within Obama's gift. Obama is starting to sound like Vladimir Putin. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
3. Obama will: Nuclear bombs to Iran; State to Arab Palestinian
C   (06.02.15)
after he has destroyed the entire middle east, obama will continue with his rampage. obama will give the shia terror regime nuclear bombs. obama will give the arab palestinian terrorists a so called state. these were his two goals when he assumed the presidency. obama thinks this is good.
4. Obama has openly said that he will vote against Israel in UN
CJK   (06.02.15)
obama is deluded if he thinks that a vote in the unsc can create a new arab terror state. the un cannot create states. furthermore, israel will not withdraw from any territories. it is being noted that the obama regime has been increasing its use of european partners to engage in the bds movement. this movement will be defeated. any new arab terror state will only lead to further bloody wars. israel will not cooperate in her own suicide.
5. what more evidence do you need?
ben Ish   (06.03.15)
6. and yes, I can do a better job. kthxbye.
ben Ish   (06.03.15)
7. Yes,we can !
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (06.03.15)
8. Obama's diplomatic zigzag
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (06.03.15)
Who asked Obama to maintain forever?? It is on the Iranians to realize that the Western powers will not accept a lying terrorist supporting country to acquire nuclear arms. Let them lump it and maybe the people will realize that their personal suffering isn't worth getting the nuclear bomb that they need to begin world domination!! But if anyone in the world zigzags, it is Obama with his damned everything until he makes the deal with the devil that will outdo Geo. Bush's stupidity that outed Sadaam Hussein and began the total waste of lives in Iraq and Syria.
9. I'm shocked I saw the answer in this week haftorah
Deborah ,   Jerusalem   (06.03.15)
Part of it: H" says: it is not the strenght of the authority or the armies it is G" who will save you!!!! If you follow my commandments!! We don't need the US to understand it is G" who is helping Israel to watch the US back by being the only democratic presence in the middle east. And keeping the terrorists away from realizing their dream of death to America. We should all now admit out loud: we have no one to trust except our dear Father in Heaven!!!!
10. President Obama
Arnold ,   Loma Linda, U.S.A.   (06.03.15)
I'm sorry. I can't believe I voted for this President one time. I think I need to take a shower or something. How does this man continue to malign Israel, it's leadership, and ignore the security issues Israel has to deal with on a day to day basis. Furthermore, how can this president ignore the PA foot dragging on signing the "deal"? Obama has lost all authority in my view. How sad. Well, good news awaits, new elections coming soon!
11. Obama dares to talk about credibility?
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (06.03.15)
The US president who lost credibility with the US's western allies in a wasted effort to appease Putin's Russian regime and has now lost credibility with the US's Middle East allies in a futile attempt to appease the Iran regime dares to criticise Israel's credibility. This disaster for the west has retreated into his comfort zone ....Israel-bashing. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (06.03.15)
if they really deep in their hearts, wanted peace. State of Israel was established because the hatred the other Arab countries inserted into PALIS to fight for no reason. Heck, if there was no wars, the majority of Israel would be Arab and would have an Arab president by now. Sorry, BHO! You need to get more lessons from BIBi.
13. Arrogance personified
JtC ,   Nir Eliyahu / Jhb   (06.03.15)
As per usual placing all of the blame at Israel's feet...sounds familiar... Sad excuse for a potus.
14. stone heart
Michel ,   Ashkelon   (06.03.15)
By the content of his words, Obama is clearly hardening is heart on Israel this last days. it was like this also for Pharaon, just before his end.
15. Most sanctions will be gone by the end of 2015
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (06.03.15)
Obama is correct that by the end of 2015, most of the global sanctions on Iran will be gone for some very simple reasons. (1) No one except the USA and Israel want them (2) The new Chinese global banking system is coming on-line and most of the world is joining (including Israel). This bank network will allow any nation to trade freely with Iran without any interference from the USA. (3) the IMF will probably add the Chinese yuan as a reserve currency allowing Chine to launder money transactions between Iran and others. (4) once nations can hide their financial transactions from the USA, the USA will have no way to stop them.(5) If the congress critters try to punish non0USA companies, the nations those companies call home, will just return the favor and punish USA companies. Since many countries would love to put massive trade barriers in place to favor their local companies, this will give them a legitimate excuse. I am sure GE, HP, Google, Facebook, etc. will be thrilled with the congress critters. The BOTTOM LINE is the USA has no ability, regardless what the congress critters think, to keep global sanctions in place past December 2015. Sure the USA direct sanctions will remain, but they have been completely ineffective since they were put in place in 1980. Game over for the USA.
16. Sure you can!
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (06.03.15)
Eternal sanctions of Iran are possible and what's more possible is that after mentally unsound obama leaves office that's exactly what will happen. Given enough time, the Iranian people themselves will revolt against their 'religious slave owning masters.' Happened before.
17. Dummy if at some point we don't go to war will will lose any
gains against ,   crazy Iran.   (06.03.15)
18. Intransigence?
carlos ,   San Diego CA   (06.03.15)
After 3 prime minister have accepted the demand of the criminal Palestinians (Rabin, Ehud Barack and Olmert) This Obummer is an anti-semite. So many rejections aqnd the implosion in the Arab countries tell us that it is impossible to deal with them.
19. What a Fool and Idiot -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (06.03.15)
- even contradicting Himself !. I Quote - "I think Netanyahu is someone who is predisposed to think of security first; to think perhaps that peace is naïve; to see the worst possibilities as opposed to the best possibilities in Arab partners or Palestinian partners. And so I do think that, right now, those politics and those fears are driving the government's response," Obama continued. And - Having said that, the president stated that Israel's immediate security was non-negotiable. "I have never suggested that Israel should trade away its security for the prospect of peace. I consider it a moral obligation for us to support a Jewish homeland," said Obama. Comments - The Israel PM sees from Historical Reality, whereas, the US Precidet from Wishfull Thinking. Churchill and Chamberlain as it where. Arn.Sweden.
20. Why was screen time given to this openly proud pyromaniac?!
21. Obama & the Israeli media: a match made in ...HELL!
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