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Maayan Keren crowned Miss Israel 2015
Eti Abramov
Published: 03.06.15, 10:32
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1. What? No Ethiopian winner this year? Are people going to
Rivkah   (06.03.15)
riot in the streets to protest a White Israeli getting the crown?
2. They can be pretty but grace is lacking in them.
A.J.C.   (06.03.15)
3. Beauty is not an exception in Israel....
Koose E Mack ,   NY US   (06.03.15)
it is the rule. Living in Israel is like being in a constant beauty contest. No women in the world are as diverse or as beautiful. Ms Keren is pretty, but there are thousands of others who could equal her.
4. Grace?
Joe ,   London   (06.03.15)
What nonsense. As a non Jewish person, my experience in Israel was that the girls are lovely and friendly. What exactly do you mean by saying that they can be pretty? They are pretty and very graceful.
5. At least in Israel, the contestant with SLEEVES on her
Rivkah   (06.03.15)
shoulders and arms, won, instead of the practically topless runway strutters.
6. No voting system is fair they are all a # 1 RIGHT ???
M. S. ,   Mpls America   (06.29.15)
The unfair written rules require just One 1 may win it the CROWN RIGHT ??? but we all know they all are NUMBER # ONE 1 to us Jewish people Israelis because they are like us so I we see them all as the winner RIGHT ??? so GOD BLESS THEM ALL... RIGHT ???
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