Orange CEO says he wants to cut ties with Israeli operator
Meirav Crystal
Published: 03.06.15, 21:18
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1. Jewish rights to our land are not for sale!
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.03.15)
The idea using economic blackmail against Holocaust survivors is despicable on many levels. It will never work. Israel was not founded as a money making enterprise. It is our eternal Homeland. The idea that Jews would cede our rights to our Homeland over money is beyond contemptible. Jewish rights to our land are not for sale. We will not give in to evil blackmail.
2. This is old news
TC   (06.03.15)
It was published in the French media more than one month ago. And it looks like there's really no reason to get worried about that one,the frenchies are not that dumb.
3. Orange CEO
Ronnie C ,   Israel   (06.03.15)
Orange is a crappy company anyway. Leave Israel and open a branch in Gaza.
4. Human rights---hogwash
Bob ,   Usa   (06.03.15)
He wants to desk in Egypt where there are fewer human rights than anywhere in the "occupied" territories
5. Can never support Orange
Golani ,   Vineland, USA   (06.03.15)
I will make it a point never to use, or support Orange.
6. Orange pullout
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (06.03.15)
Glad to see that the CEO of Orange is a man whose conscience finally rebelled against continued consorting with the Zionists. The Zionist state will be choked out through the growing economic stranglehold and will go the way of apartheid South Africa mostly bloodlessly, sooner rather than later.
7. Shame on him
Gallula ,   Paris   (06.03.15)
Tomorrow I am leaving this ugly company. Maybe he signed a huge contract with Qatar or another antisemit country. Unfortunately other companies will do the same but I hope France will collapse with its millions Muslims.
8. Let them go witout penalties
natan ,   natan   (06.03.15)
we don't want them here tomorrow I'm going to cancel all my contracts with them, lets kik them ases
9. Orange BDS
Jacques Heller ,   Modiin, Israel   (06.03.15)
I recommend to the CEO of Partners to evaluate the immediate contract breaking with Orange. Their brand name in Israel is dead following their BDS declaration. I would push for a mass cancelation from the Israeli users. Throw them out!
10. "Orange" is YELLOW!
ASTRONAUT ,   USA   (06.03.15)
Or is their true color RED!?
11. Hi Graczek, how's it going in Baltimore?
ASTRONAUT ,   USA   (06.04.15)
you know, your state capital that is "occupied" by murderers and looters. Am Yisrael Chai!
12. orange
david mann ,   tlv   (06.04.15)
he can prepare his check book !
13. Too late for France.
JVC ,   LA, USA   (06.04.15)
France, you've been appeasing them for nearly 50 years. When are you going to learn? When France's Muslims finally go ape-s*&t and burn the country down, I will enjoy watching from my porch, sipping a cool, imported, Israeli Nesher Malt. Nice job France. Leading the way.
14. Orange is turning Yellow
Jake ,   Jerusalem   (06.04.15)
Golan is cheaper, I switched to Golan and now with Orange's position, I recommend everyone to switch to Golan, they are cheaper and reception is just as good. Plus they have better plans for calling overseas
15. we have to now hit back hard very hard at each and every
ralph   (06.04.15)
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