At least two rockets fired from Gaza, falling in Sdot Negev
Ilana Curiel, Yoav Zitun
Published: 03.06.15, 23:15
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1. So Now
Mark ,   South Africa   (06.03.15)
will BDS boycott Gaza, will UNHRC condemn indiscrimate rocket fire aimed at Israeli civilian areas ? I don't think so. Israel needs to now respond with a very heavy hand - this nonesense must be permanently stopped.
2. Hello? King Bibi the Weak? You are being attacked!
A ,   Belgium   (06.03.15)
3. Thank you, German Foreign Minister.
Ed ,   USA   (06.04.15)
4. Rockets in Israel
DAVID ASLESON ,   mpls, USA   (06.04.15)
Why isn't the world community outrage? Because they are Bigots. iF this was any other country they would invade.
5. Stop it, Bibi
Devorah   (06.04.15)
Stop it permanently. No more.
6. NAH #2, it is only one stray rocket
Israeli 2   (06.04.15)
which hit an open area anyway. Why even pay attention to it. It even has entertaining values. Now, when they launch 1000 rockets and cause structural damage and death, then I will slap them so hard, that many empty buildings will be destroyed. Wait and see,
7. Israel needs to respond fast and heard
Rabbi Yakov Lazaros ,   USA   (06.04.15)
Whoever controls the Gaza strip must be made to realize that Israel will not tolerate this garbage.
8. Mark's comment
The Bald Scotsman ,   Tampa, USA   (06.04.15)
Mark, Israel mustn't respond with a heavy hand, then the world will condemn Israel. Won't they? (Cynicism)
9. Islamic State,supported by Israel is responsible
Moti ,   Haifa   (06.04.15)
Hamas fights it while Israel helps it
10. Why not? What should they do with all the rockets they have
A.J.C.   (06.04.15)
left over? Might as well make use of Israel's weakness which hasn't changed since the previous government.
11. Call the press!
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (06.04.15)
Where are they, picking their noses or kissing O's ass? Either way, their MIA and will jump in after Hamas begins the promised war on Israel that the press now is ignoring. And.. wheres 'peace maker' obama, in the toilet or on the golf course or.. maybe he's becoming a "better Jew than Bibi?" LOL?
12. A question for this panel......
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (06.04.15)
suppose for a moment that Israel has nuclear bombs.....should Israel nuke Gaza or Tehran and, if so, which one first? Maybe after 'Jewish obama (LOL) has flown the Kingdom of DC both will be bombed to hell?
Robert ,   Israel   (06.04.15)
Let's do the same thing Putin and Erdogan do when some "lost" rockets fall inside their territories. And everybody keeps mum.
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