Senior IDF official: Syria situation disintegrating
Yossi Yehoshua
Published: 04.06.15, 00:00
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1. How about ISIS?
Avi L.   (06.04.15)
How about using ISIS to threaten them? Make clear that among the retaliations there will be the destruction of their force in Syria, leaving ISIS free to fall on Shias villages ...
2. Genius Barak said 2 years ago "Assad will last to June at mo
Absolute Sweden   (06.04.15)
-st" . He is still there,pity Barak's geniality has smitten the IDF
3. Future of SyriaAnd lebanon
Drako   (06.04.15)
What is happening to Assad will eventually happen to hezbolat. Assads troops are getting decimated everywhere, give it Few more months and same will happen to hezbolat. They are getting killed all the time and their numbers and power is diminishing. They merely flood and concentrate most troops in critical points which if lost, will be the end of hezbolat and Assad. It's like battle of Berlin, the last attempts by hezbolat and Assad to defend before they are destroyed and then same happens to them in Lebanon.
4. Sounds like the makings of a disaster for Shiite ambitions
Cameron ,   USA   (06.04.15)
Interesting that Assad may well be reduced to fighting in the last ditch with only Persians & imported Shiite mercenaries at his side. Do like the thought of the Russians losing their oldest & firmest ally in the ME.
5. Strike First -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (06.04.15)
I Quote - In case of a war with Hezbollah, the main objective for the IDF would be not to attempt to stop every projectile, but to work to paralyze the organization's long-range missile capability as much as possible by attacking its warehouses early on, hitting thousands of targets in less than a week. Comment - There should be no - " In case of " - Strike first will be the best option. Arn.Sweden.
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