IAF strikes Gaza after rocket fire on Israel
Ilana Curiel, Matan Tzuri, Yoav Zitun and Roi Kais
Published: 04.06.15, 08:20
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1. Striking on empty fields without killing the terrorists
Dan   (06.04.15)
is worthless. A waste of time and money. Hamas is showing they have the upper hand - which obviously they do. Israel is too chicken to fire back like a sovereign country.
2. Ron Lee, the Zionists don't have the courage
Dan   (06.04.15)
to send cheap rockets back to its sender.
3. big bloody deal
marv   (06.04.15)
leiberman is right about bibi-its not hesitation- he is scared from being shot as a commando which he never got over. But herzog, gal on, livni and lapid are worlse. For all t heir bravado, they want to give up vital lands on west bank and rely on american assurances which we note allow the iraqis to drop their weapons and run, What a bunch of cowards. The 6 million spit at them and their reps at haaretz and ynet. They should be renamed camp media reps.
4. Dan you got it all backwards.....
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (06.04.15)
The Gaza terrorists struck the open fields and then Israel struck three targets in Gaza. Yikes! Why is it you dudes get it ALL wrong? Genetic imperfections? Delusional habits of denial and 'lost in la la land?" Read the damned thing again looney tunes # 1 award to you. BUSY BUILDING !!!
5. # 1 #2 are you talking to yourself?
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (06.04.15)
Israel hit Gaza three times in response to Gaza firing missiles into Israel... Your posts make no sense, either or the same one of you. Not Jewish I presume? LOVE BUILDING ISRAEL DON'T YOU??
6. Pushes, pushes, pushes, pushes!!!!
Why should a sovereign country give its land to terrorists? Until they push them out of their land confusion it can only create! And it's better to push them now!!!
7. We simply don't deserve this Land! If you don't want to
protect all citizens equally, then you've got no business hanging around this neighborhood. IAF "attacks" are wimpy, symbolic acts of burning jet fuel for no good purpose.
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