Netanyahu: France must condemn Orange pullout from Israel
Attila Somfalvi, Itamar Eichner, Noam 'Dabul' Dvir
Published: 04.06.15, 15:16
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1. payday
Michael ,   Haifa   (06.04.15)
In our self-satisfied arrogance over the years, we thought we could do whatever we liked and "to hell with the world"
2. Israel, just kick Orange out - there are plenty providers.
Alex ,   New York, US   (06.04.15)
3. Stop lecturing and demanding ,...
split ,   US   (06.04.15)
He wouldn't be saying it if the Orange shareholders haven't demand it ,... Money talks ,...
4. Richards, any relationship to Pinkie floyd Richards and his
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!   (06.04.15)
only job left to a deaf rocker, an anti semite? Amazing these two should rent a field and invite others to join them as they stroll through the waste of their relatives, other pigs. No offense to pigs. LOVE BUILDING ISRAEL !!!
5. Yep, that'll do it
Guy ,   PT   (06.04.15)
It doesn't matter whether apartheid in Hebron is costing soldiers' lives and sanity, and causing Israel's FDI to dry up - just drape a flag over the building on your smoke/mud-coffee break and that'll solve all the problems. Just another day in the Jewish Pakistan.
6.  Regev
Philip ,   Afula   (06.04.15)
REGEV " demanded" LOL
7. "France must..."
Avi ,   NYC, USA   (06.04.15)
And who is giving the orders? The world's parasite?
8. France has lost its sovereignty
C   (06.04.15)
france has become the errand boy for the arabs. the obama regime openly supports boycotting israel. dan shapiro claims that boycotts of israel cannot be fought by the us as long as there is not a peace process. yet under us laws, boycotts of israel are illegal. boycotts are illegal also under the rules and regulations of the world trade organisation. the obama regime often refuses to enforce the laws passed by congress. obama has violated the us constitution on a continuous basis.
9. A question
Ruth ,   Ramat Efal, Israel   (06.04.15)
Perhaps one of the supporters of the BDS on this thread could explain why only Israel is to blame for the current situation. The Arab League started the war in 1948 (without asking the local Palestinian Muslims), they attacked again in 1967 and 1973. The Palestinian government lead by Arafat turned down THREE offers of a settlement, something which angered the Gulf States so much that they cut off financial backing for years. I'm not a supporter of the rightwing and as a grandmother and loyal Israeli, I long for an honest settlement with the Palestinian people. But it's quite clear that this isn't going to happen because they are simply not interested. The West Bank is not their problem - Israel is their problem. Returning to the Green Line (or an adjusted line) isn't going to stop their demands to destroy Israel and this is what the BDS and other organisations is aiming for. The CEO of Orange can lead his pathetic French company out of Israel - there are those of us who remember the behaviour of the French in WW2 and this doesn't surprise me a bit. They are pathetic and weak - announcing in Cairo his hatred for Israel, an Egypt which has been gassing the Palestinians in the tunnels on the Gazan border for the past few months. Just how hypocritical can they be?
10. Bibi, king of the world
Dan   (06.04.15)
For some reason he thinks he not only knows better than their leaders how to run the US and France, and no doubt every other state, but is entitled to tell them. Yet apart from his own ego, what gives him such confidence? Certainly not facts: he has virtually destroyed the tiny state he was hired to manage.
11. ridiculous
Ed ,   USA   (06.04.15)
The only thing more ridiculous than the actions of Orange are the over the top, hysterical comments by Netanyahu. He gives this more press and gives BDS more traction than anything that Orange could do on their own. Has a contract been violated? Let this play out in a civil court. Move on, there are other telecoms.
12. Why be surprised when France acts like France?
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.04.15)
Behavior psychologists have long proven that a person's character is formed by the age of four. There are no major changes after that. The character of nations also doesn't change. So why be surprised when France acts like France? Or when the E.U. acts like the E.U.? Or when the Vatican acts like the Vatican? History tells us what to expect from these entities. Expect cowardice, appeasement of tyrants and betrayal from them. It is their character.
13. Actually, Europe is not entire World and Israel ...
leo ,   usa   (06.04.15)
... is powerhouse in her own right and I see no reason to jump through hoops to satisfy Europe's anti-semitic urges.
14. Dan @ 10 - Good article on this subject ,...
split ,   US   (06.04.15)
... google 'How Bibi Alienated All His Jewish Allies at the White House' not to mention a bunch of other leaders.
15. The only peace process I see is two-step:
leo ,   usa   (06.04.15)
1. Arabs leave Judea 2. Jews leave Arabia.
16. Get a life losers
Mrekon   (06.04.15)
You are trying to force other people to do business with you like some lowly desperate losers. You want to blackmail every nation that does not cater to you Israeli despicable degenerates. This is a free world and no one should be coerced to do business with you no matter the reason or excuse. Get a life LOSERS
17. France already knows where it's (no)future lies!
18. Let them go! Good riddance !
Apple   (06.04.15)
19. Did Bibi miss something lately?
Mark B. ,   Amsterdam / Holland   (06.04.15)
Corporations rule this world, not governments. Government are mere servants: they serve the corporations, they do not condemn them.
20. #9 Answer in a nutshell
Before the settlement enterprise Israel was the good guy and Palestinians were the bad guys. Now Israel has turned into a bad guy that wants almost all the land including Jerusalem for itself and Palestinians have turned into good guys who want a state alongside Israel.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (06.05.15)
SO MUCH PR! Arabs sure know how to complain instead really trying to make peace and move on. Israel has tried to offer peace so many many times and now she is tired of offering. Orange can go Brown for all we care. There are plenty of cheaper and better providers in Israel. cell service is one the cheapest items in Israel now. Am Israel Chai
22. Very understandable!
USA   (06.04.15)
Who goes out of their way to do business with israel? Court rules israel has to pay the bill, but the chosen elect not follow the courts order.
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