Druze, Circassian to hold protest rally in Jerusalem
Goel Beno
Published: 06.06.15, 11:20
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1. Enough of threats and strikes
Da ,   Israel   (06.06.15)
These strikes and threats make many feel they live in a weak and unstable Country we have a culture of threats we need a leader to say stop these Strikes and threats
2. How to loose allies
Avi L.   (06.07.15)
We already did our best with Tsadal, beduins ... who's next? Yes, of course, we have to strengthen the tip of spear of our defence, the black clad bearded soldier stoners, the ones who want women to drive ... saudi way.
3. The State of Israel owes a great deal
A Jerusalemite ,   Jersalem, Israel   (06.07.15)
to the Druze and Circassion communities. It is very wrong to hold back funds for education. First because of the true service the men of these peoples have given to the State, Secondly because it is education, the foundation of knowledge, that provides the ability to think for oneself and to understand the *why* of defending Israel.
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