Bennett to world: Recognize Golan Heights as Israeli territory
Noam (Dabul) Dvir
Published: 07.06.15, 19:52
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1. How kind of him
Michael ,   Haifa   (06.07.15)
Bennett claims: "I want to give the international community an opportunity to demonstrate their ethics". Bennett's nationalist-racist worldview does not know the difference between "ethic" and "ethnic"
2. Mazol Tov Neftali
While you state the Truth, the World should recognize All Captured Territory as Israeli Land. When will the World recognize the right for Jews to pray at Our a Temple Mount ?
3. Right !!!! And without J&S, IS would be
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (06.07.15)
swimming in the Med....
4. FB Yakov Shani
A ,   Belgium   (06.07.15)
Everything you wrote was fine and good until "If and when Syria comes to its senses". You must have realized by now that the only "sense" the islamic world has is a taste for money and a taste for blood. Syria will be as broken as Iraq and Libya very soon, it has no senses to come to.
5. Love the color of brown on that coat.
erin ,   USA   (06.07.15)
Our Father God does know how to make pretty things; including beautiful colors of soil- that color brown is one of my most favorite colors of brown, even the shirt to match. Clothing can be just such a beautiful reminder of all the beautiful plants, and flowers; rivers and streams, He has made. :- ) I thought the Golan Heights belonged to Israel. I didn't hear a dispute- before today.
6. To Bennett - Peace Treaty
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (06.07.15)
Israel ended the "right of conquest" in the 50s by joining the Geneva Conventions. You want recognition of land acquired by war since then, make a deal with those you took it from. There is no Israeli exception in the treaties.
7. Gee, imagine if the Arabs had control over it...
David ,   Hartford USA   (06.07.15)
Would the Golan look like civil-war torn Syria with thousands dead? Or maybe Lebanon, where personal freedom only exists in darkened rooms with the shades drawn? Or maybe Jordan, where ISIL psychopaths are planning the demise of the King and his regime? Or Yemen, where jihadist nutjobs have taken control? (That's the Obama/Clinton 'initiative' at work. How come everyone is so much worse off? Was that their plan?) if ANY Arab had an ounce of brains in their empty heads, they'd be thanking their lucky stars that live in Israel's Golan. Anything else would be a slow train to hell. Bennet is right- the Golan is part of Israel, now and forever. I'd like to see city of 100,000 people. Have a world competition for the model city of the future. Design it from scratch and make it the model for the world to follow. Homes, businesses, healthcare, education, agriculture, aquaculture- integrate them all into a city where the personal car is used a couple times a month. We can do it. Set it in motion today. And if the idiots on the other side of the borders want to kill each other, LET THEM. But if refugees fleeing the fighting swear allegiance Israel, let them in. Knowing that they will be sent packing back into a war zone if they don't will keep them honest. Stop giving the impression that Israel cares what the world thinks about the future of the Golan. Build cities and the people will come. Syria is a lost state, whatever emerges when the fighting is over will not be recognizable. Make the border impenetrable, make breaches of the border terribly costly for whoever does it, and build like there's no tomorrow. How about an experiment? Make this new city English-enabled for 10 years. That means English will be equal to Hebrew in all matters. You want a hundred thousand Americans to come over in 2 or 3 years? Do this. If Sheldon Adelson can build 5000 room luxury hotels in a matter of two years, get his builders and project managers to run this show. Heck, name the city 'Adelson' if he'll fund the hospital, schools, and town hall. This is the time to do something wonderful with great imagination. The city of tomorrow from the ground up. Bennett is absolutely correct. Golan is Israel and Israel doesn't need anyone's 'permission' to build. Make the Golan shine. (And safe- put a huge IDF combined forces base up there so the neighbors will know there are police in the neighborhood.) If any famous architects want to boycott the competition, let them. Our architects will be competing for a prize that will live for hundreds of years. "The City of Tomorrow Designed By ......." award will go to someone who has a grand vision of what man can do when given the opportunity. The boycotting architects will be designing their cookie-cutter glass and steel boxes and the 12,000th Burger King. Now that's a real feather in their cap. Just as Tel Aviv arose from the sand, a shining new city shall arise from the hills of the Golan. Don't wait, don't hold back, don't even blink! Go do it!
8. As islamic members killing each other..
Beary White ,   Norway   (06.07.15)
.. for fun in Iraq and Syria, then the Golan will be recognized as part of the land of Israel. For fun?? Yez, :-) both sides yelling allah Akbar... :-) while killing each other. I will compare it with the yelling in Alaska : TIMBER !! (LOL) .
9. Golan belongs to "Israel"?
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (06.07.15)
Hell, no, it doesn't! Neither does any other territory, Jews--Zionists today--are denied political sovereignty anywhere since their defeat by the Romans, which was an Earthly manifestation of the Divine Will. The Golan and all of the Holy Land itself are rightfully Muslim and Christian.
10. Golan Heights Survivalist Refugee
Zika   (06.07.15)
Instead of Money for settlements one thousand nuclear shelters ought be built on the Golan Heights and Israel ought build Massive nuclear shields projecting to threats by 2020 and onwards.
11. Bennett - Golan
Stephen Newdell ,   United States   (06.08.15)
I love this guy! The Golan is a strategically valuable territory. Giving it up to anyone is like tying the IDF's hands behind their backs. That territory should be expended and strengthened under Israeli jurisdiction. They won it when others attacked. They gained it "fare and square". I wouldn't give it up for anything.
12. When they give NY back to the Indians,
The Red Fox ,   Australia   (06.08.15)
When they give Texas back to Mexico, ... . . . as the Golan Heights song goes.
Mighty Jew Young ,   America is beautiful   (06.08.15)
It will not be any easier later on. now is the time to bring in the sheep, claim GOLAN, JUDEA AND SAMARIA as ISRAELI territory, now & forever! do it while Israeli is strongest it's ever been. and the PLO weakest.
14. To #9, and Israel took it back, so...
David ,   Hartford USA   (06.08.15)
that fact on the ground must also be an Earthly Manifestation of the Divine Will, right? Since the Arab countries in the region absolutely excel at killing their own citizens, it seems that peace will only come when Israel decides it's had enough of their bloodshed and goes in and puts a stop to it. 'Greater Israel' may be the only hope for Arab peace, since they obviously can't manage it on their own.
15. Naftali's big mouth
avramele ,   nostalgic for Alon   (06.08.15)
Sometimes keeping your mouth shut makes sense. I admit that I was wrong in supporting Barak's near deal with Assad. I also think a 50 year moratorium on territirial concessions onthe Golan and perhaps the Jordan Valley makes sense. However, what is de facto justified need not be shouted from the mountain tops. BG and the left knew how to quietly create facts when nescesary. The ideological right plays with rhetorical bravado. Hamayvin yavin.
FO ,   Belgium   (06.08.15)
"ISIS would be swimming in the sea of Galilee if Israel gave up the Golan... captured from Syria...". And you, Mr. Bennett you are swimming in a sea of total ignorance. Take care not to be drowned! To "start up" , (a convenient term for you, I suppose), a "Schnor" for world recognition of the Golan as Israeli territory, is a disgrace, even more, an affront to history. You don't "capture" a territory that by international decision, the "Mandate for Palestine" still valid to this day, according to Article 80 of the United Nations' Charter, is your own property! You seem never having consulted the map of the Mandate, if you are aware of its existence at all. I'm ashamed and shocked to give a lesson to a Minister of Education, that you Mr. Bennett, are! Well the Golan Heights being part of the territory allocated to the Jewish people by the League of Nations in 1922 for the "reconstitution of their National Home" (a State) were "ceded" by the British Mandatory to the French Mandatory of Syria as a gratefulness for having accepted to deviate the border between Syria and Iraq, in order to include Mossul (and its oil fields) into Iraq under British Mandate. More important than my explanations, find bellow, Mr. Bennett, Minister of Education, excerpts prepared for the U.S Center for Security Policy (none Jewish, neither Israeli) on request, perhaps of the US Administration, and drafted by eleven generals, admirals, and even including the author of UNSC Resolution 242: "The Golan Heights were illegally given away to the French Mandate on March 1923. This territorial transfer was made surreptitiously in a capricious and arbitrary fashion by the British whose sole interest was to secure Mosul's oil fields to Iraq….A Mandate is a Trust, according to ART. 80 of the UN Charter. Israel's decision to impose its Laws on the Golan Heights on December 14, 1981, had eventually, RIGHTED the WRONG that was committed by the British in March 1923… The "Golan Heights" as they are known TODAY were never part of Syrian Real Estate, but part of the Palestine Mandate". No thanks, Minister of Education, for this free of charge lesson.
17. Golan Heights
David Segal ,   Philadelphia, USA   (06.08.15)
It's way too early to talk about international acceptance of what country has sovereignty over the Golan Heights. Bennett's argument will only draw rejection. The last thing Israel should do is even negotiate with Syria about the GH, before coming to terms with the Palestinians. In the absence of a peace agreement with the PA, Syria will be duty-bound to negotiate for President Abbas as part of any peace with Syria, in addition to whatever Syria wants for her own self. Palestine first; Syria can wait.
18. Golan is Israeli
C   (06.08.15)
nothing further needs to be said.
19. 15 avramele
c   (06.08.15)
it is amazing, but for once i agree with you. cipora
20. lets see how the israeli left respond
zionist forever   (06.08.15)
Of course the west and especially the arab world will condemn this speech and tell us all that the Golan must be returned to Syria for peace but the interesting thing will be how will Israel's left respond. Are they going to agree with Bennet we need for Golan for security or are we going to be told something along the lines of its bad for peace etc which will show that soon as there is calm they will bury their head in the sand pretend the past 4 years of war in Syria never happened so they can justify going back to the land for peace formula.
Marian ,   Romania   (06.08.15)
The state which will grow in the south of former Syria will be ~ 70 years younger then Israel. The population of Golan is mainly Jewish. Which of the two states will have a "bigger right" over the Golan? Or better three states, if we consider Hezbollahia as well.
22. # 2 Maybe Jews in Israel
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (06.08.15)
should NOT heed 'the worlds' opinion and build the third temple? Other than that, by allowing the site to be sullied, polluted and over taken by heathens.... What has the world done to help Jews? Nada zilch, zip, except look the other way when 6 million of our relatives were slaughtered by "Gentiles." Yes to Naftali!!! MORE BUILDING BABY !!! MEANS THE VICTORY OF ISRAEL TO SURVIVE !!!
23. # 6 Returning and Recapturing Jewish Israel
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (06.08.15)
isn't the same as 'right of conquest.' As Israel's first massive victory was in 1948, why should Israel alone be expected to have suddenly insane and give another inch to Hamas, Fatah or soon to replace them both ISIS? What are you nuts or just another inbred socio religious nut job who murders his wife and call it an 'honor'.?Jews possessed Israel for nearly 4,000 years. The pals are a relatively new international charade without merit. That's why they always lose and, of course, G-d stands with Israel. Maybe not your G-d?
24. #7 David, Brilliant post !!!
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (06.08.15)
think of the $$ Adelson will spend to counter the B-ad D-ay S-yndrome which is another anti Israel, anti semitic cause going no where fast? All that $$ spent on such a ridiculous conspiracy hatched by half witted inbred genocidal maniacs. MORE BUILDING MEANS WINNING FASTER !!!
25. # 8 LOL I have no problem with the Muslim wars
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (06.08.15)
As long as they stay confined to Muslim lands...... They, like their 'culture'? is one of genocide, matricide, infanticide, any kind of 'cide' by violent savage, demonic behavior equated by Muslims. WE BUILD THEY BRUTALIZE !!
26. # 9 then what the hell are all those Jews doing in Israel??
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (06.08.15)
Rome fell and so have the Muslims back to the 7th century behavior of barbaric savage waring heathens. Nations, borders, boundries change only Israel reclaimed her original land and the pals are a non people claiming Israel as theirs, doesn't make it so it just makes it another pal lie. I rename you "King of Denial." MORE BUILDING COMING !!!
27. # 1 Really? Iran will be gone waaaay before 2020
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (06.08.15)
28. Time for a change.
Gabe ,   Canada   (06.08.15)
Let the recognition of the entire Golan as Israeli territory as a condition for the reprise of peace negotiations.
29. # 1 Why are you in Haifa
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (06.09.15)
if you hate Israel so much? Would it be that NO Muslim nation is worth living in? I have a name or you, HYPOCRITE!!! LOVE BUILDING GOLAN ET AL. DON'T YOU???
30. # 2 Answer pray on Temple Mount?
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (06.09.15)
BUILD the third temple and watch all Jews come out to pray. Moshe Dyan left the Mosque abomination much to Israel's disgust.
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