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Graphic anti-Israel display casts shadow over Amsterdam
Itamar Eichner
Published: 09.06.15, 00:18
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1. FB Alex Morgan - Not a problem to remove Isralis stuff
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (06.09.15)
In reality, Israel provides very little that can't be provided by many other people on the globe. Excellent encryption is readily available from many sources. As for pharmaceuticals, they are ea slily duplicated by many parts of the globe and others on the earth are already researching better stuff.
stude ham   (06.09.15)
the dutch are now in the hate mongers' choke hold...
Simon Vrouwe ,   Netherlands   (06.09.15)
Israel can not face the truth. This is what you guys focus crimes. And about the helen world we will show this.
4. Anything wrong?
Paul K. ,   Amsterdam, NL   (06.09.15)
Many angry comments, but noone seems to explain what is wrong with this display Would anyone deny that Israel killed thousands of Palestinians, including hundreds of children?. The sign called "Israƫli logic" is very pertinent and to-the-point. When Palestinian children throw stones at their occupiers, they are "terrorists", bu if Isarel kills the children it is "defending" itself. All people who value human rights should unite and speak out against the practices of Israel.
5. Paul K.,where's exhibition on Dutch soldiers standing by at
ab   (06.09.15)
Srebnica ? More children were killed there than real plus imaginary pal children by Israelis. Btw.,why pals send they children to Israeli hospitasl,even goon Haniyeh does it,do they hate them so much they end them to "killers" ?
6. shameful
C   (06.09.15)
once again, the dutch seem to think that feeding the jews to the crocodiles will improve their society.
7. jews trying to play victims, AGAIN!
8. #7 the jews ARE the victims again
solomon ,   bklyn   (06.21.15)
your willful blindness does not excuse you from knowing the truth
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