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Disabled kids denied bar mitzvah due to religious rift
Itamar Eichner
Published: 10.06.15, 00:44
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1. Why do the conservative clowns use children???
Nachman   (06.10.15)
Reminds me of the woman using her children as a bargaining chip in a divorce. Why don't the conservative look back three generations and see how many of their offspring intermarried and have nothing to do with Judaism???
2. That's all.
Ex-oleh chadash   (06.10.15)
If religion means being a charitable person, helping others, this branch of Orthodox Judaism is not Judaism either.
3. Very disgusting.
Ex-oleh chadash ,   Brazil   (06.10.15)
The Orthodox rabbinate refuse to recognize Reform rabbis. They say Conservative and Reform are not genuine Judaism - it's not Judaism. They spread young fanatic rabbis into small Jewish communities around the world to make troubles. They want power. They want to control your mind. Next step is to control all Medinat Israel and transform it into a Theocratic State like the Muslin states. Just to let you know, Chassidism is not so Orthodox as well. My ancestors in Poland were religious "Orthodox", as people say today, but not chassidim, not fanatic like this contemporaneous haredism in Israel. As far as I know, Reform, Chassidut, etc. - all of them practice Judaism in their own way. You, tzabarim, you must separate religion from state someday.
4. Veahavta at Reeha Kamoha...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (06.10.15)
That is real Judaism .The children's interest go first and those who understand that are the real Jews.
5. one more comment
I wrote #3 before posting #2. My last comment: I learned (I was a teen, me too) that Judaism don't need rabbis like catholic churches need a priest. If you don't have a rabbi to perform a wedding, or a bar/bat mitzvah, anyone at your Ishuv / Kahal can do it. Some synagogues in my country have no rabbi - so, a chazan perform those ceremonies. It's ok. Judaism is independent, it's free from dictators. What happens in Israel is an absurd! I left the country years ago, I'm sorry Medinat Israel is becoming worse every day. Look back three generations you too: Israel was not a Taleban country. Be well, folks.
6. "Vanity of vanities! All is vanity."
7. General Lew Wallace in his epic book, "Ben Hur", about a
Rivkah   (06.11.15)
Judean Prince during the time of the Jewish Messiah Yahshua, said the most hated people on earth are the blind, the lame, lepers and childless women. Guess one could add to that list, the autistic who want a bar mitzvoh. I have known people who were retarded in some ways but excellent in Scripture studies. Why not let the autistic have their bar mitzvoh ceremony? All sides should agree on that.
8. & yet Mayor Malul gave space to X-tian Missionaries 4
just saying ,   Israel   (06.10.15)
baptism ceremony. I have no problem with Christianity, I do have a huge problem with Missionary Christianity. Mayor Malul had no problem giving them space in order to convert Jews. In other words, well you figure it out.
9. RE: "Disabled kids denied bar mitzvah"
Howard K. ,   Israel   (06.11.15)
They were not denied any bar mitzvah, the president of Israel apparently couldn't or wouldn't host a ceremony in his official residence. They are free to conduct their ceremony anywhere in the country. No reason to deny them their bar mitzvah. And last I heard, President Rivlin is not an Orthodox rabbi.
10. to #7: rivkah the shikse
tom ,   toronto, canada   (06.12.15)
do we need to hear your fantasies about yoshkele all the time? bar mitzvahs are for jewish children, and matter to jewish parents.
11. Rabbai> What the ... is that?
David Fakheri ,   LA USA   (06.11.15)
No Shame? that the Jewish disabled children should suffer more mental pain because of these suckers (Conservative Fat rabbis and Orthodox Chubby rabbis and Paunchy President's Residence?
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