Nearly three quarters of Israeli Jews feel that the 'whole world is against us'
Published: 09.06.15, 14:08
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1. A sad state of affairs
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (06.09.15)
If this is an accurate reflection of Israeli public opinion it suggests the collective psyche is in a sorry condition. It is one thing to feel under threat from the dangers posed by hostile entities in the immediate region. It is quite another to state that the whole world is against you. The truth may come as a bit of a shock both to us Jews who live outside the country as well as those who live inside: Israel is not the centre of the world. For the most part nobody cares that much about Israel for people to be either for or against it. In essence, it is collective narcissism and a pumped-up sense of self-importance fuelled by parochialism.
2. And rightly so ,...
split   (06.09.15)
How many would take good look in the mirror, do some soul searching to find out why instead keep pointing a finger and blame others? ,...
3. anti-Semites around the world and on talkbacks
carlos ,   San Diego CA   (06.09.15)
Antisemitism Lets fight antisemitism in 3 subjects: History of Israel its creation and achievements To start lets mention the three pilars of western civilization: Judaism, The Romans The Greeks Recount how many times peace initiatives were rejected by Palestinians (with Rabin, Ehud Barak and Olmert) they want to destroy Israel, they don’t want peace. 2) History of Arab terror and murder with examples and pictures. Plenty of daily stories here 3) Definition of antisemitism so all anti-semites see themselves in the mirror. A short definition of antisemitism: —-Irrationality, xenophobia and racism —-Ignorance and lack of intelligence, people unable to understand its surroundings —-Gullibility; believing in all sort of canards about the Jews —-Absolute immorality, corruption, no principles. Belonging to nazis and later to communism, Lying all the time —-Sociopaths lack of regard for human life —-Cowardice 4) What explains the criminal behavior of Muslims that everyday day we read in the the news about killings by Muslims (Isis, Boko Haram, Hizbollah, Hamas, Fatah, etc,etc.). That behavior is explained by their cultural values which determines their norms, attitudes and finally their behavior? Show their genocidal charters statements and intentions: Fatah, Hamas, Hizbollah, Iran
4. Why should Jews get a state of their own
Dan   (06.09.15)
if they act like non-Jews and don't follow the Torah? What right do they have throwing Arabs out of Israel? Shouldn't the "Palestinians" or any other religion have the same right to their own state? If Israel belongs to the Jews, because the Torah says so, PROVE IT! With the tremendous desecration of Shabbat, immorality, etc, it's obvsiously not the same Torah that G-d fearing Jews keep. So the world is right for hating us! Thanks to the secular Jews!
5. Discrimination!
tiki ,   belgium   (06.09.15)
An art developed to perfection by the Europeans, who are masters in this field for they've had centuries of practice. The discriminating focus of the world has nothing to do with their love for so called Palestinians but everything with their centuries long genetic hate for Jews. The world couldn't care less if there will be a Palestinian state as long as there isn't a Jewish one. So if there is one people who is once again discriminating against the 'Jew under the Nations and applying Apartheid laws against her, it's the Europeans who will not rest until they've accomplished their dream.....a planet without Jews. For this devilish plan Europe needs the Palestinians, Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah who openly state what they think.
6. Survey Results
Joe Mevorah ,   Lincoln, USA   (06.09.15)
It doesn't take a genius to figure out these obvious results. No one in the Middle East wants peace. All this rhetoric about settlements, BDS, and other anti-Israeli tactics is just an excuse to keep the conflict going. Both sides, unfortunately, are using the element of time to wear the other side out. History will be the ultimate judge if this catastrophic thinking continues. In the meantime Israel will create new business relations with China and India, and by doing so, negate Europe's BDS effort to bring down the Jewish states economy. It will not work. The ultimate loser will be the Palestinians.
7. Israel has many foes, but also many friends
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.09.15)
A major problem is the media concentration on Israel's foes. The media finds them more newsworthy. The dramatic threats and violence, of Israel's foes, drown out the fact that vast numbers of people love Israel. In spite of BDS, the vast majority of big name entertainers perform in Israel and most have nothing but compliments for Israel. Israel has many foes, but also many friends. Israel's esteem in the U.S. is near historic highs. Go on to pro-Israel sites on Facebook, and elsewhere in the social media, and you'll find huge numbers of pro-Israel well wishers from around the world. Israel's foes are the scum of the earth. Israel's friends are the salt of the earth.
8. No6 wake up darling
china and India already canceled business ties with Israel due to activities in the West Bank
stude ham   (06.09.15)
10. Only inaccuracy: it should've read: "100% feel.." because it
is 100% true. Nothing new for the 'Old-world Jews", but for the young generations of Israelis it is actually hard to fathom 7 accept. After all: we feel "normal", don't we?
11. Stop complaining. It's your own fault.
See #4
12. Israeli's think the world is against them
Nadya ,   California, USA   (06.09.15)
Israel likes to boast that it's a democracy with many difficulties. Israel also bares responsibility for occupying the Palestinians. Israel likes to think of itself as a Western nation not a ME one. You will never be accepted in the family of Western nations until you stop the occupation. You're not getting picked on, it's just a fact. Israeli's like to twist it as the fault of others, you need to own it.
13. Nearly forced into annihilation 70 years ago & we're wrong?
JVC ,   LA, USA   (06.09.15)
Nah, ain't like that. The haters can go to hell. Up the nukes!
14. don't you remember the song?
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (06.09.15)
העולם כולו נגדינו It was sung back in the sixties and seventies and can be seen on youtube: SO NOTHING HAS CHANGED!
15. This belief is central to Judaism
Avi ,   NYC, USA   (06.09.15)
It goes like this: "All the Gentiles are inherently against us (Behalacha sheesav sone leyaakov) and therefore this hate is not related to anything that we, Jews, do. Therefore, we can deceive them and even worse". It is interesting that even individual sociopaths share this kind of logic.
16. remove BDS page in facebook!!
Adler J   (06.09.15)
Facebook collects information about BDS and how they interact with other people and groups against Israel Mark Zuckerberg can remove the page if he wants. If Zuckerberg dont remove the BDS page, Anti Bds movement worldwide will abstaint to join the social network until the BDS is removed (BDS) Movement
17. World against Israel
Dee Carpenter ,   Lakeside USA   (06.10.15)
There are still many, many of us NOT against you!
18. maybe is not the best idea...forget the post
Adler   (06.09.15)
19. ohhh facebook removed already?
Adler J   (06.09.15)
20. # 8 LOL You wake up! Boycotts zero Israel wins again!!!
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (06.10.15)
21. # 13 Never wrong NEVER AGAIN !!!
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (06.10.15)
22. # 16 your source was removed.
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (06.10.15)
23. # 17 Thank you and thank the G-d of Israel.
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (06.10.15)
24. # 4 A Promise is a promise
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (06.10.15)
not that all earned it but, all are granted grace through the promise.
25. # 12 LOL Bibi got 27 standing ovations in 30 minutes!!!!
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (06.10.15)
Funny Nadya that old propaganda machine needs oiling. Got oil?
26. & Ysterday polls showed Israel happiest country
Steve Loeb ,   United States   (06.11.15)
27. above
moishe   (06.11.15)
there are a lot of people that don't like Jews and some of them do harm. even GOD fails to protect his chosen. worst of all are Jews who hate Jews and do them harm in the name of true justice. it's hard to be a Jew. it's hard to be chosen and different. that is the price we pay to be a member of a very exclusive club. and that is why we are hated and harmed. we have survived the millennia. and prospered despite.
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