Report: Cyberattack targeted Iran nuclear talks venues
Published: 10.06.15, 20:01
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1. A Russian company pointing the finger at Israel?
David ,   Hartford USA   (06.10.15)
Nothing new here. Russia's selling weapons to lunatics in Iran so they want to build a story that shows why Iran 'needs' them. It's more likely that Putin's internal enemies are spying on him. As for Kaspersky, why would any sane person use Russian software on their computer? What? It never occurred to you that any company that makes anti-virus software is certainly able to build snooping software that it wouldn't be able to 'detect' on your machine? "Virus scan complete - your computer is clean of viruses and malware (except for OURS which we won't mention!! hahahahahahahaha)"
2. Got caught again ;) ,...
split   (06.10.15)
... so much for Israeli intelligence gathering 'know how' ,...
3. Sneak mantra: don't get caught, don't get shot
Cameron ,   USA   (06.10.15)
4. Kapersky cannot be trusted
kapersky is a russian outfit. one might as well trust putin.
5. Yes Antisemites United: we know where you live!
6. It could have been Iranian spies
Shep ,   Memphis   (06.10.15)
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