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The Palestinian who opposes the boycott against Israel
Elior Levy
Published: 10.06.15, 23:36
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1. peace with the arabs
Shira ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.11.15)
if the arabs want peace, then let them control their people! Let them at decently and stop violence amongst their people ! I personally am disgusted with their behavior. They should either be decent people and live respectable tolerant lives, or simply leave Israel. I've had it with them. It's time for them to accept the blace for their economic failures on themselves.
2. Refreshing. He should be PM of Gaza and W.B.
DOV ,   USA   (06.11.15)
No more bloodshed from the Palestinian side would be a good first step.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (06.11.15)
They see the Arab sector as disobedient. They would never want to be ruled by the Arab sector since they simply can't agree on anything positive. Israel has no choice but to be the occupying force since there is no real sensible Arab governing body. Muslims are always in fights with each other even in gaza or WB. Would the land be as successful as it is now, if there was an Arab power in charge. Come on! Show me one Arab or Muslim country that is really progressing as quickly as Israel is. Yes, Jews took over because Arabs would ruin another land.Andf don't give me examples of Dubai or other gulf oil states. They would amount to nothing if they did not have oil. Israel does not, but is progressing much faster.
4. yes we must fight the arab occupation of jewish land
ralph   (06.11.15)
5. Smart guy:he knows that we're our worst enemies&counts on it
6. PLO choses BDS Terror!
Benny ,   IRAQ   (06.11.15)
PLO choses various forms of terror, one of which is the Bull-shit organization called BDS. The more they try to sink Israelis, the worst it is for them. PLO has not shown 1 iota of peace in their blood. It is always terror, mayhem disguised with "occupation crap". The PLO is the occupier. They came to Israel seeking a better life & now they want to destroy everything as they have done all over the Middle East. They are lucky to have Israel governing them. If they had their own state, they would slaughter each other every day into another "failed state".
7. Be harmless as dove!!!!
And we are harmless as dove. Palestine is as harmful as harmful. Harmlessness is source code of G-d. Adulterous and polygamous religion can only be as harmful as harmful. Until we told them that in *heaven they don't marry or giving in marriage because G-d created them in pairs, male and female *. Okay thank you for telling us....we will make you harmful.....and make ourselves harmless. Hehehe!!!! A soul that sin dies...because if you dig a pit you fall into it gets more harmful from Hamas to salafis to al Qaeda to Isis to more harmful that only heaven knows the end of adulterous religions!!!!! Israel are children of Sarah. Egyptian Hagar has to find her own second half and then she will be harmless if she wants to be harmless!!!!!
8. SIX things to resolve Israel Palestine differences
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (06.12.15)
Once and for all First We must decide what form a Palestinian State takes in the first place. Two State Three State, Two State Greater Gaza...etc Solution? As YET there IS NO 'Final Plan; Second We must seek a mandate from Palestinians to drive this collective decision forward so we are all speaking WITH ONE VOICE Third Separate Economic Issues from Statehood Negotiations By stifling economic progress via non cooperation with Israel and losing job opportunities just to gain leverage on negotiating positions is shooting ourselves in the foot big time Fourth Take the negotiating initiative on Settlements to Israel. Israel says it needs Barrier Territory around its central pinch point. If we are prepared to negotiate quid pro quo land swaps IN ADVANCE of any settlement construction - and address issues such as compensation, 'land exchange rates' etc then it nullifies any reason for Israeli unilateral action Fifth Understand that Palestinians are UNIQUELY placed in the Arab World to become a major success story. What we need is more self belief and less of Erekats mind numbing brand of doom, gloom, doubt, indecision and constant Israel baiting that has no place in todays generation of young go getting Palestinians Sixth We have GOT to rid ourselves of the toxic legacy of vile hate and racism in our society from the TOP DOWN. Its not good for us, it turns off well meaning supporters and tourists and worst panders to the warped ideologies of some extremist Palestinians as well as assorted so called 'activists' wether jaded celebs; students 'without a cause' Jews who hate Jews etc who have their own axes to grind
9. Well I was opposed to BDS but,
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (06.14.15)
if it means more pals living in poverty..... that's their choice and not Israel's. Maybe obama can 'make another US Tax payers donation' to the little pal terrorists? Or, spend another fortune trying ( illegally ) to over throw Netanyahu? LOL obama is one dumb SOB and history will affirm this. MORE BUILDING BABY !!!
10. What 'occupation?'
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (06.14.15)
Israel is reborn after 2,000 years plus of waiting for "Next year Jerusalem" after Rome's 'conquest of Israel' Rome fell but Israel rises from the ashes just as foretold in the Torah. It was and is Israel's possession not some Arabian 'pal' squatters There is NO palestine hence, no 'palestinians.' Just some SOB Arabs who are lost and think the Jews, all jews should be dead or out of Israel and dead. LOL Jokes on them Leave Israel NOW! Or pay dearly later.KEEP BUILDING !!!
11. # 7 Muslim wars are a prophecy
for those also fighting Islam. Nothing could prepare the world for these ' surrenders of Islam' and they myth of any peace among any Muslims. Do they surrender their souls or, do they even have souls? Dead souls? KEEP BUILDING ISRAEL JEWISH ISRAEL !!!!!
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