Israel's Protective Edge report: 44% of Palestinian casualties were terrorists
Itamar Eichner
Published: 14.06.15, 23:30
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1. Sounds much better than..
Michael ,   Haifa   (06.14.15)
...56% of the Palestinian casualties were non-combatant civilians
Jon ,   Uk   (06.14.15)
Hamas used the media cameras to stage wounded children similar clips and pictures from other wars to fool the world to paint a bad look on Israel which worked In another war if Israel can stop media which reported staged and false news and use other media news channels from other countries maybe it will do some good if Hamas won't threaten them
3. 44% killed were terrorists the rest were their human shields
Tommy   (06.14.15)
whom the terrorists murdered.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (06.15.15)
Let me guess. Sitting poolside at one of 5 star hotels in TLV? How come they don't go to Gaza and stay in one of their hotels instead? Israel hosts these idiots and they write such garbage reports one after another. This is the same UN that could not stop Assad from killing its own people.
5. To #1, Michael
Gabe ,   Canada   (06.15.15)
Why is "non combatant civilians" sounds better to you than human shields used by the terror organizations ?
6. Adam Ashbee
Stan ,   Israel   (06.15.15)
Try this to complete the Miracle you have described. 1) Israel withdraws from 95% of the occupied territories after reaching an agreement with the Palestinians. The blockade of Gaza is lifted and lo and behold there is Peace. 2) Within 5 years prosperity in Israel increases by 50% . This is what God intended, not the occupation which you worship.!
7. 44% terror dead, 66% SELF INFLICTED w GAZAN MISILES ASTRA
8. 44% terrorists killed, 66% stray Gazan missiles kill 66%
Mighty Jew Young ,   America is beautiful   (06.15.15)
They hit their own people. Purposely to blame IDF... it's all been recorded, nothing new here...common knowledge! It's, Gazan/Hamas' self-destruction... A pleasure to watch and record. HAMAS NEEDS COLLATERAL DAMAGE TO COVER IT'S SAVAGE ATROCITIES, INCREDIBLE STUPIDITIES AND IT'S OUTRIGHT MURDER OF IT'S OWN HUMAN SHEILDS purposely put in place as sacrifices just to blame IDF. Babies and all. Using UNWRA hospitals & schools, crummy mosques to hide all their IRANIAN horror weaponry.
9. IDF Calls each pal individually
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (06.15.15)
and warns them their home is about to be bombed. Hamas reps ( on film) told the pals to ignore the warnings and labeled them 'propaganda' and for them to stay put, making Hamas the war criminal and guilty of committing yet another 'made for TV' special. self made massacre. KEEP BUILDING AND... KEEP WINNING !!!
10. And the slogan...
mark ,   usa   (06.15.15)
"with our souls and with our blood..." evidently is not to be taken literally. Just how many palestinian have taken part in mass rallies chanting that very same slogan. as a statistic of demographic sampling could it not argued that the end result of such beliefs are a direct contributing factor to the number of casualities. It is highly unlikely, courts can question the state of mind these dead. Who is to say, how many of these civilians are dead precisely because of such beliefs, and if not shared by those those died, what does that say about the culture that embraces such beliefs. Is hamas now going to argued, it is an empty slogan not meant to be taken seriously. Hamas can not have it both ways.
11. To Concepcion Bautista
carlos ,   San Diego CA   (06.15.15)
Antisemitism History of Israel its creation and achievements To start lets mention the three pillars of western civilization: Judaism, The Romans The Greeks Recount how many times peace initiatives were rejected by Palestinians (with Rabin, Ehud Barak and Olmert) they want to destroy Israel, they don’t want peace. History of Arab terror and murder with examples and pictures. Plenty of daily stories here Definition of antisemitism so all anti-semites see themselves in the mirror. A short definition of antisemitism: —-Irrationality, xenophobia and racism —-Ignorance and lack of intelligence, people unable to understand its surroundings —-Gullibility; believing in all sort of canards about the Jews —-Absolute immorality, corruption, no principles. Belonging to nazis and later to communism, Lying all the time —-Sociopaths lack of regard for human life —-Cowardice What explains the criminal behavior of Muslims that everyday day we read in the the news about killings by Muslims (Isis, Boko Haram, Hizbollah, Hamas, Fatah, etc,etc.)?. That behavior is explained by their cultural values which determines their norms, attitudes and finally their behavior? Show their genocidal charters statements and intentions: Fatah, Hamas, Hizbollah, Iran ARROGANT EU and others After thousands of years with your: Crusades Inquisitions Pogroms Colonialism Racism WWII murdering of 6 million Jews, 1 million gypsies and 45 million civilians and soldiers Nazi collaborationists and traitors to your own countries How dare you criticize anybody especially the Jews?
12. The remaining 56% didn't get a chance to become active ones!
13. And where is Mashaal - the so called HEAD of HAMAS
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (06.15.15)
Enjoying the hospitality of his new buddy Erdogan in Turkey now calling for....MORE OF THE SAME while 'disclosing' to Jeremy 'The Unquestioning' Bowen that he is the new Mandela of the Middle East! While Gaza wants Mashaal back to ANSWER for his crimes for starting the last war Mashaal continues to crawl and cringe to protect his fancy hideaway And what SHEER CREEPINESS to hear Mashaal publicly fawning and grovelling congratulations on 'Erdogans spectacular win' Are these the 'friends' Erdogan likes to keep?
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