Opinion  Yoaz Hendel
Images and insults in Israel's ruling party
Yoaz Hendel
Published: 16.06.15, 23:51
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1. Not buying YOUR not buying the argument! It's about creating
perceptions and perceptions ARE EVERYTHING. It applies to wine-tasting/pricing as well as what we think of each other. Kotler is a nobody, but a nobody with a microphone. It's not about FEELING insulted, it's about not LETTING a zilch to insult you.
2. A lot of curses in Judaism
Zika   (06.18.15)
Whether the Torah or Yiddishists there a lot of curses in Judaism . People do insults and blame a lot as well as Bless and Praise . In Israels pressure cooker system nerves are frayed :expect insults .
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