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Regev freezes funds for Arab theater al-Midan
Reuters, Ran Boker
Published: 16.06.15, 21:51
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1. Simple solution: Stop lunacy of funding our foes!
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.17.15)
It is ludicrous for hard pressed Israeli taxpayers to be forced to fund Israel's foes. Cut every single one of them off. Artists and non artists. Especially our mortal foes; the P.A. Stop this lunacy once and for all. Let the artists gripe till they understand nobody is listening to them.
2. great measure, what about other morans
Avram Goldsmith ,   Canada   (06.17.15)
3. More Israeli duplicity
Mikesailor ,   Miami, USA   (06.17.15)
Apparently the play was reviewed by an Israeli committee and approved by that body acting in its capacity. Now, we are regaled with stories about how this play glorifies "terrorism". No evidence offered but the Israeli public: gullible, scared fools that they are, overwhelmingly approve of the governmental actions conveniently ignoring the fact that the play passed the prior censorship test required in the so-called "Jewish" state. I also find it interesting how YNet itself has not reviewed the play nor apparently even read this newly controversial literary endeavor. Is this the purpose of Israeli journalism? To parrot the prejudices and predilections of the "powers that be" rather than trying to find the truth behind the charges?
4. Miri Regev just seems to be...
Deborah ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.17.15)
Doing the right thing. I would vote for her being our next prime minister!!!
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