Journalists rage at Foreign Ministry's Hamas cartoon
Published: 16.06.15, 23:47
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1. Foreign Ministry Cartoon
Antony Levy ,   Talme Elazar, Israel   (06.17.15)
The Foreign Press should not be criticizing this cartoon. After the inaccurate and incomplete reporting by the journalists in Gaza, for whatever reason, they should engage in some soul searching and self examination as to where & why they reported so badly & in such a one sided manner. It is very sad that some of them dies but they should do an in-depth study of why this happened.
2. wrong. their response tells me its right on, but still too e
ralph   (06.17.15)
Easy on them. Truth hurts specially when it catches self rightous useful idiots.
3. the truth hurts
Ghilmeini ,   Qum Tora RApids   (06.17.15)
most western media has been proven to have no credibility- they were silent when the three Jewish boys were killed and then denounced Israel for responding- put it this way- for Israel the 3 boys are the equivalent of 24 UK kids (proportionate to the UK's population).
4. The FPA can't be much worse towards Israel anyways
Someone   (06.17.15)
They live in denial that they are part of the problem encouraging terrorists and treating them like credible leaders in interviews. Funny after how Israel is perceived in the international media they have the gall to say anything.
5. 17 journalists died
mark ,   uk   (06.17.15)
could it be that some of these journalists or all who died wanted to show the truth or did not want to listen to Hamas and Hamas most likely killed them
6. No doubt AFP too felt mocked. Truth hurts.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (06.17.15)
I notice this article was sourced from Agence France Presse, whose reporters felt they too were being mocked. But given the slanted coverage from AFP, Reuters, AP, BBC, they deserve the mockery. Just consider the many reporters who withheld truth from their publics until they were safely out of Gaza. But even then, they tried to stick to their narratives.
7. Journalists rage
connie mack ,   camden   (06.17.15)
Fellow Readers and Editors: Liberals, Terrorists and Journalists so often seek to immunize themselves against the very tools, instruments, legal weapons and invasive ammunition that they themselves recruit and employ against their adversaries, opponents and enemies. Liberals and journalists preach, profess, launch crusades and zealously defend everybody’s right to print and say whatever they wish. They insist that the basic rights of Man afford one the entitlement to deride, ridicule, suggest unflattering indictments, distort facts and invade the privacy of another person as long as it is not an outright lie whose intent is to slander rather than to inform. Terrorists actively kidnap, dismember, assassinate, torture and mutilate targeted populations or send agents or impoverished youth to perpetrate atrocities. When apprehended, they cry out that their rights have been violated. Behold, fellow citizens of the literate world. “"Open your eyes about Gaza," quickly drew condemnation from the Foreign Press Association (FPA) in Israel, whose members were offended at what they saw as a mockery of their coverage during last year's Operation Protective Edge in Gaza.” (a cut and paste from the above article) The right to free speech does not entitle Israel to expose international journalists’ pro-Palestinian, anti-Israeli bias and propaganda. The menu in the restaurant of journalist cuisine specifically points out in bold, italicized print that the free speech meal is for journalists, liberals and terrorists only. Jews and Israelis will not be served . . . or even allowed into the restaurant. Let one thing be clear, beyond ambiguities or doubt. I solemnly believe that one who consistently shouts about police brutality and government abuses of civil rights is entitled to turn to the police and prosecutors for protection when in danger and to file a criminal complaint after being injured, assaulted, victimized or robbed. cm
8. 'Journalists'
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (06.17.15)
who reports on the "Journalist reporters?" ..................... their basic skills of actually finding the truth remain elusive not quite within their left handed style of so called 'writing's' anti semitism instead of what it really is...whether wrapped in the newer catch phrase, "Zionist" Israeli' 'Occupiers' ( aint that a hoot? Jews 'occupying their own 4,000 year old land?) and having no shame for the lies they spread like infected vermin. BUILDING MATTERS JOURNALISTS DON'T.
9. Foreign Press Association
mat ,   uk   (06.17.15)
if another war will be israel should if they can stop press reporters from tv networks which were biased against israel and showing same clips like carring children from the ambulances always ready infront of hospitals and keep repeating it which most likely being staged stop them coming to israel
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