Moment of truth drawing near for Syria's Druze – and for Israel
Ofir Haivry
Published: 17.06.15, 15:45
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1. Israel has a moral responsibility to help the Druze
Shep ,   Memphis   (06.17.15)
Israel has over 100,000 Druze, many of whom have served in the army and identify as Israelis. Israel owes a debt to them and if Israel can help carve out a security zone INSIDE SYRIA with the blessing and assistance of the U.N. and the U.N. security council then it will legitimize the action and keep this population outside of Israel. This would divert the weighty moral aspects of this decision onto broader shoulders and hopefully prevent any negatives within Israel's borders.
2. Do nothing,don't repeat Lebanon morass in defence of Maroni
ab   (06.17.15)
-te Christians,they abandoned Israel in a jiffy. Don't forget Kuntar is a Druze,and Golan Druze don' serve in the IDF,were involved in spying for Syria and no later than a year o two ago were claiming " We are Syrians,Golan is Syrian,our heart is with Assad !"
3. Take the high road!
Koose E Mack ,   NY US   (06.17.15)
If the Syrian Druze come to Israel...we must assist them.
4. If they choose to support Israel, annex the villages.
David ,   Hartford USA   (06.17.15)
Better to annex the villages and protect the people that way than to just invite them to live in Israel and let the nearby villages become launching pads for jihadist attacks. Better to fight the enemy on their soil than ours. Keep the fight on their side.
5. Only if the Syrian/Lebanese Druzee weren't hostile to Israel
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (06.17.15)
The decision is difficult because the Druzee in Israel identify with the country and the ones outside do not. Just recently Syrian Druzee tried to attack IDF soldiers and the Lebanese Druzees have been responsible for many Israeli soldiers/civilians deaths cooperating with Hezbullah. The best solution to do it is to give weapons to the Druzee, who are known as good fighters, to defend themselves against ISIS/Al Qaeda. Israel should not get involved in any other way in the Syrian conflict and not one Israeli soldier, be it a Jew or a Druzee, should be killed in Syria.
6. So very glad we avoided plunging into that Syrian swamp
Cameron ,   USA   (06.17.15)
May the sea rise up & wash all of it away.
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