Kahlon: Oren's comments on Obama are his personal views
Itamar Eichner
Published: 17.06.15, 23:02
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1. There were no surprises
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (06.17.15)
Even before he was elected it was painfully obvious that Obama is the US equivalent of Tony Blair but with so much more power and so much more dangerous and that he would stab Israel in the back whenever he could. After 10 years of suffering the misery of Blair and his New Labour cronies it couldn't have been clearer to us on this side of the pond.Obama simply looked and sounded like Tony Blair and how right we were.We warned you. If that comes as a surprise to Oren,maybe Israel should choose shrewder ambassadors. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
2. Kahlon would have been well advised to keep quiet
CJK   (06.18.15)
all information released by michael oran is correct and mostly part of the public record. kahlon needs to be careful not to follow the example of tzipi livni who oftent forgot which country she represented. it is not kahlon's place to apologise to obama, who in fact is anti-israel and pro-muslim. kahlon should not forget that obama will not veto france's unscr attempting to create a new arab terror state. nor should kahlon forget that obama did indeed start secret negotiations with the shia terror regime behind israel's back. this very same terror regime has threatened numerous times to annihilate the jewish state, stating that israel's destruction is "non-negotiable."
3. Ynet, may be this time? Cachlon=livni, under the tumb of US
JJJ   (06.18.15)
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